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Looking to buy quality Weight Training Benches? Read unbiased reviews of the best Weight Lifting Benches, sort by brand and prices and make the best buying decision.

Weight Training Benches - Your Goals

Before buying a weight Training Bench it is very important to know the various types of benches available and which one will suite your Goals.

  • Do you want a plain foldable Weight Training Bench for Flat Bench Press?
  • Are You looking for adjustable ones to do Incline and Decline Presses as well?
  • Do you want additional components like Preacher Curl Bar as well?

If you are looking to train at Home then the more the better right? Right and Wrong.

Just because you can do it doesn't mean you will use it. Remember you are buying it as you plan to use it.

Weight Training Bench FAQs.

  • What does a Weight Training Bench cost?

The cost can range anywhere from 80$ for a plain bench to 400 for benches with adjustable levers for Incline and Decline Presses and Preacher Curls.

  • Where can I buy the best Weight Training Benches?

I recommend Amazon's store as it has the best Fitness equipment, shipping charges and Delivery.


  • Do you suggest any training program to train at Home after I buy the equipment?

Download the Free e-book, The TEN Commandments of Weight Training from theDownload page first. It will help you set up a Weight Training program for yourself. You also need to check the Weight Training Exercises at Home Section of this website for more details on planning your Weight Training Workouts.

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