Weight Lifting/Training Bars - Barbell Weight Sets and Racks

Weight Training Barbells - Simple Barbells or Barbells with Racks.

Are you looking to train at Home? The a barbell without a rack may work but if you are looking for gym equipment then a barbell set with racks is a better choice as you will need more than one.

What Size?

For Exercises like Biceps Curls or Triceps Curls a small barbell is usually sufficient but for Bench Press, Shoulder press and Squats you will require a Bigger barbell.

Are there any other options?

You may also want to look for anE-Z Curls Bar which is better for Preacher Curls and Triceps Extensions.

Where do I buy a Barbell?

I recommend the Amazon store to buy fitness equipment for a better quality, shipping and delivery.

Important Points when Buying weight training dumbbells and barbells

Getting involved in weight training will get you on the way to improved health and fitness as you build strength, endurance and also tone your body for a good body appeal. If you don’t want to work out in a gym or get a personal trainer, you will need to invest in some good quality equipment at home.


Dumbbells and barbells are one of the basic equipments that you can have for weight training. In fact, just investing in a set of good quality dumbbells can enable you to train your body to a good level.


When buying dumbbells, you have to be aware that there are many different kinds of manufacturers and many designs. If you want a simple option, you should look at investing in a set of dumbbell pairs that have different weights. This means that when you are finished with one set, you can quickly move on to the next set just by dropping the one you are holding and picking up the other set. You progress faster through your exercises.


On the other hand, you may wish to invest in a more complicated but space saving adjustable dumbbell types. In these types you have the handles and several weight plates, or the types that are more compact, and you can add or subtract weights as you progress through your exercises. These are more important for saving space but not so great in terms of speed.


Also check out the comfort of the handles. Some manufacturers provide padding, others do not. Some provide contours for a better grip while others do not. You have to try different handles to see which one works best for you.


Barbells do not have much variation in their design, as most of the time they have a handle and weight plates at the ends for adding and subtracting weights. However sometimes there are differences in the diameter of the handles, that may be uncomfortable for you to grip if too big, or if too small so you need to check how they feel and if they have extra padding for a better grip or not.

Getting the right equipment will determine greatly how far you go with your exercise and if you benefit from it or not.

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