Weight Loss - Test of Determination

by Amit Malik
(Navneet Nagar, Ambala city , Haryana, India)

As a doctor it had become difficult for me to give authentic advise to my patients to lose weight to avoid lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, CAD, etc. ,as I myself was overweight by 56 pounds. I tried many quick-fixes but with any results. Then I decided to took the problem heads on . I went back to my basic books and experimented with myself.

My total plan included proper work out, diet planning , taking care of my emotional health with different non mainstream pathies. The basis of physical work out is cardio activity. I choose jogging and skipping alternately four times a week. I started with 20 minutes and increased upto 60 minutes in a time span of 6 months. I avoided emotional traps. As you can see in my photo my overall look has changed.

I realised many dreams of my life. My overall personality has changed radically. Now I have changed my profession form disease care to health care. Friends If you are really interested in weight loss please do not try short cuts as they not only harm your body but effect your motivation level. Hold yourself fast to your planned programme.
ok bye
Hope to see you in shape

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