Weight Loss Diet Pills Dangers : the more effective with the diet pills, the more serious with the side effects

by sunni888

It is no doubt that losing weight by diet pills is a double-edged sword. The goods which are effective, safe and no rebound like the advertising said have not developed yet!

The lose weight pills is the same to other pills, they get the balance between the necessity and side effects!

Usually the fatness regard as a disease and whether to take the pill to lose weight need follow the ideas of the doctor.

In general, only the one whose BMI (“the body mass index”, viz. the result which get by the weight(the kilograms as a unit)/ square of the height(the meters as a unit)) is greater than 30, or greater than 27 with other disease(such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc. ), the doctor will recommend medicine to lose weight.

And for the general overweight person, it is not necessary to take the diet pills to lose weight, or another said, its harmful is more.

It is a little different in the different people for the relationship of the BMI, body mass and the disease risk. The BMI of Asians is usually lower than the Europeans.

In China, most think that the BMI is available between 18.5 to 23.9, 27 to 27.9 is overweight, and it is fat above 28.

It is important for healthy no matter losing weight or keeping reasonable weight, but It is no doubt that losing weight by diet pills is a double-edged sword. The goods which are effective, safe and no rebound like the advertising said have not developed yet! So many people who lose weight for beauty, the BMI doesn’t reach the bottom to take the diet pills. From a health perspective, the reasonable and healthy diet with the moderate exercise is the most beneficial.

Medication may inhibit the absorption of fat and make the liver hurt!
August 24, 2009, the U.S. Food Drug Administration (FDA) announced to do a investigate for the popular weight loss drug Alai and Xenical.
In the past few years, FDA has received 32 reports about the liver hurt from the users who had taken Allais or Xenical.

Alli is only one non-prescription weight loss pills which have been approved by FDA, people can buy them freely. But the Xenical is the prescription edition of Alli,the effective ingredient is twice the Alli, if you want to buy it, you must have the doctor’s prescription.

The factories of Alli and Xenical refuse to recognize that the Alli will make the liver hurt. They announce that the safety of the Alli have got the support of more than one hundred clinical trials.
And the FDA does not confirm that lose weight has the direct relationship with liver hurt, and they said you can take them with the doctor’s direction. But it doesn’t stop doubt about the safety of Alai and Xenical. In the beginning of this year, UK makes a survey about the side effect.

The effective ingredient of Alli and Xenical is orlistat, it is lipase inhibitor. It is by interfering with fat digestion, inhibiting of fat absorption to reduce calorie intake to achieve weight loss. There is a report that loses weight for 2.9 kilo by taking this in 6—12 months in the scientific thesis. But while inhibiting the fat, the fat-soluble vitamins (such as Vitamin A D E k, etc.) will be inhibited too, the usual side effect has diarrhea, bloating, irregular bowel movements, abdominal pain and indigestion and so on.

As drugs, the effect of the orlistat is apparent; compare the effect the above side effect will be accepted. But if the result of survey proves that it will hurt the liver, so the side effect is too big.

you cannot take the drugs which controls the appetite for a long time.

There is one diet pills which control the appetite by changing epinephrine. Among them, the usual one is phentermine. The phentermine’short effect is so obvious, and with the suitable life style control, you can lose 3.6 kilos average, the usual side effect is dry mouth, headache, insomnia, nervousness, irritability and constipation and so on.

On the one hand, these side effect limit to take it for a long time; on the other hand, if you take it for a long time, it will cause the body to increase tolerance, and then the effect will be low, and it is so easy to cause dependence and abuse.

Phenylpropanolamine is also this category drugs, it is ever approved as a non-prescription drugs to sale, but later it is cancelled because it may cause women’ hemorrhagic stroke.

And there is a category pills has the relationship with the Serotonin of body. They can affect food intake for a few days, increasing the body’s basal metabolic, make the losing weight come true by “eat less” “more depletion”.

FDA has approved the fenfluramine, Pondimin and dexfenfluramine,Redux can be used, but it has the risk to cause the Heart valve disease and pulmonary hypertension, so the factory cancelled the two goods voluntarily in 1997.

The FDA also approved one goods called Sibutramine to lose weight. It has the dual role to change the adrenaline and serotonin, the effective of weight loss is more substantial.

There is a report that loses 4.2—4.5 kilos after taking the goods 12 months. And there is one research reports about keeping the effective of losing 4 kilos after 2 years later.

But it also may cause dry mouth, constipation, insomnia or high blood pressure and heart rate, and heart palpitations, hyperthyroidism etc.

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