I am 24 yr old, my weight 117 pounds, i am very slim. i want to increase my

weight as well as build good muscular body.please advice.


Top 5 weight gain tips

There are many reasons for wanting to gain weight. One of the reasons is for people that have been underweight most of the time; they will want to get a full body and for people that for some reason are finding it difficult to develop muscles, one of the reasons may be that they do not have enough weight to see significant gains when they train with weights.

Here are some of the tips to gaining weight

1. Eating for weight gain

The primary aid in weight gain is to eat sufficiently so as to provide your body with the building blocks from which to increase body weight. Eat regularly and have wholesome meals at that. Mix your food with fruits and vegetables and eat nuts for snacks so as to have healthy fats and minerals. Stay off the non healthy fats found in fast food and foods done with hydrogenated oils due to their potentials to clog the arteries.

2. Resistance training a must

Resistance training will enable significant increases in weight gain as the food becomes metabolized into muscles instead of just becoming fat deposits. Body weights are great starters, but to really see significant increases in weight gain, it is better to consider training with free weights or machines. Training about 2 to three times a week with sufficient time in between for the body to rest will yield great benefits.

3. Take in enough fluids

Our bodies are made up of 60 percent water and most of the chemical reactions taking place in the body do so in a water based environment. Therefore supplying the body with enough water will not only help to bring this critical component to its correct value in the body, but will also help in the movement of nutrients through the body, and also provide the right environment for the chemical reactions in the body.

4. Don’t overwhelm your body with excess food

Eating is very important for weight gain, but if you eat too much too soon it might actually be counterproductive and be uncomfortable. Moreover the food might not have time to digest. The best way to eat for weight gain is to eat more, regularly but at different meal times. Some experts recommend 6 meals a day giving about 3 hour’s interval in between.

5. Don’t forget your vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are important for making the reactions of the body run smoothly and efficiently. They are usually obtained from eating the right foods as some are contained in foods. Taking care to include some quality multivitamin supplements will ensure that you meet the required daily intake for smooth running of your body.

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The best advice is to start weight training seriously and eat to gain muscle

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