Underwater Fun Arm Exercises

by Wing Hai
(San Fransisco, CA, USofA)

I in Hawaii when I find this great workout fun time. It involve stand on head or arm for many minute. It much fun and arm be very hurt when done, but also very big arm when done. That my fun time. Great work.

How to do Underwater Exercises

Water aerobics is an important alternative to doing exercises on the land, especially for older individuals and for those that are recovering from injury who do not want to have a lot of strain on their muscles and joints.

In order to do underwater exercises, it is best start your workout from the deeper section of the pool. This will mean that most of your body is covered with water and also means much of the weight you will be using for your exercises will be supported by water giving you the chance to work on your exercise moves with little strain on your muscles.

One of the best places to start for underwater exercise is to take classes in a gym that offers the training. You might decide to take your exercises following a class or you might decide to learn the moves and then apply them to your own sessions later on.

Learning the form for underwater exercises is not difficult. If you have already done some normal exercises on land, it is easy to transfer these variations to underwater exercises as they will basically use the same moves. However if you do not know the techniques already, you will be able to learn them easily with a book, a DVD or a trainer in a gym.

Underwater training like land based training requires that you increase the intensity of the workout in order to be able to see some progress after some time. One of the best ways to do this is to use larger weights, and to increase the number of repetitions of the exercises. However another efficient method is to go from a deeper section of the pool to a more shallow section. This is because in the more shallow section your body is displacing less water and thus the water will be supporting less of the weight. Therefore your body will be dealing with an increased weight, giving you a more intensive workout.

Workout times for underwater exercise sessions

When doing water aerobics, targeting your training periods of about 30 to 45 minutes, and working correctly have been found to cause about 300 to 500 calories to be lost . Making sure to keep to these training periods will yield benefits in your level of fitness.

Advantages of water aerobics

Water aerobics are advantageous because they are considerably low intensive and with the right kind of equipments you can be able to do full ranges of exercises and train areas of your body that you will otherwise not have been able to do on land.

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