The Coach Page 4 Day Workout

by robert brooks
(Raytown, MO, USA)

monday- incline, box squats, lunges, supersets, calves and abs

tuesday- condition
wednesday- power clean, roman deadlift, abs
thursday- bench press, full squat, lunges

How to do Box Squats and Power Cleans

Squats have long held the position as the king of lower body workout and rightfully so for the workout that you can give your body with this exercise. However it is not an easy exercise to master and can sometimes be unsafe to practice without a spotter or two.
Box squats can be used to replace squats because they give more control and offer a stabilizing effect during the exercises. What is more, they are generally easier to complete than squats.

Procedure for Doing Box Squats

• Get a box made of wood, plastic or of suitably build hard material that will not crush under your weight and the weight of the barbell. The standard box should enable you to sit at a height that places your buttocks just below your knees. You might get boxes of variable heights to give you different depths in the exercise.
• Place the barbell on your shoulders, holding the bar palm forwards.
• Squat until your buttocks touches the Box and slowly sit down. Try not to jerk or hit the box; it may be fatal by compressing your spine between the box and the weight of the barbell.
• Rise up from slowly from the squat and repeat.

Power cleans are exercises that can be used to develop power. They are of the subset of exercises called Olympic lifts and when properly executed can lead to build up of enormous strength for other exercises. They can also help you develop muscles quickly on your calves, hamstrings, glutes, lower and upper back.

Procedure for Doing Power Cleans

• The power clean is done in two movements. The first one lifts the barbell from the ground to around the thighs, and the second lifts from then on in a quick jerk to around the shoulders.
• Stand with your feet just a bit wider than your hips, and squat to hold the bar then with the fist facing you.
• Lift the barbell by straightening the hips and when the barbell is around the level of the thighs lift up in a power explosion by straightening the legs completely and pulling the barbell to shoulder level.
• At the top of the movement, some people drop the bar back to the ground and then repeat the move, while others do the reverse movement by lowering the bar back to the hips, and then squatting back down to put the barbell to the ground.

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