The B pull up

by J. Buck

The B Pull up, more correctly called the V-Pull up works out your abs, arms and chest all in one. What you have to do is grab onto a bar as if you were going to do a pull up but cross your legs and keep them crossed. Then as many pull ups as you can like that. Then if you want to make it harder, put wight on top of where your legs are crossed and hold it there.


How to Do V-Pull Up Exercise

A V-pull up is a variation of a pull up that is done with the help of a v bar. The V-bar is a V shaped piece of equipment that has handles for a comfortable grip. The equipment is easy to use, and it is also relatively cheap to buy. In order to do a V pull up, you need a pull up bar, as well as a V-bar.


1. Place the V-bar over the pull up bar so that the handles are hanging down on both sides of the bar.

2. Grip the handles of the V-bar so that your palms are facing each other in the final position. Take your legs off the ground by bending them upwards and forwards, or backwards to as to take your legs off the way, and to prevent them from supporting your weight by touching the ground which will reduce the effectiveness of the exercise.

3. From the position where you are handing loosely, pull yourself up until your head is up to the bar or above the level of the pull up bar. Hold the position and then lower yourself again. This is one complete cycle. Repeat.

In order to benefit from this exercise, you have to make sure that it is done using the correct form. This involves using a full range of motion in every cycle. Make sure you do the exercise as it should, come down until your hands are fully straight, and then pull yourself up again.

Moreover, make sure that you don’t generate momentum by swinging in order to provide a lift for your body.

This will reduce the effectiveness of the exercise and will not benefit you in any way. Moreover, when you are coming down do not just drop your weight as you come down.

Let your arms do the business of supporting your weight as you slowly bring yourself down.

The importance of the v-pull up exercise

The V-Pull up exercise is a body weight exercise that can be used to develop the muscles of the biceps and the back. It also trains the chest and the abdomen to a smaller extent. The exercise can be used as part of a larger program to build muscles and reduce weight, and the intensity of the exercise can be increased by using ankle weights, a weighted vest or a weighted belt.

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