Teen Home Weight Training with Barbell

by Mike

Barbells and Dumbbells

Barbells and Dumbbells

I am fifteen and in pretty good shape. Don't want to be huge just a little bit of contour. I was wondering would a pull up bar and a bar set at fifty suffice? Let me no (@ mikeyiscool96@gmail.com}

Hi Mike,

How to train with barbell at home

Dumbbells exist in many different varieties. They are easy to use, permit a full range of motion and can be used to perform total body exercises. If you do not want to go to the gym or if you don’t want to invest in machines, using barbells may just be right for you.

The best way to use them is to make sure that you have at least two different sets of Barbells, with one set having a higher weight. Or better still you might find one that supports the addition of more rings to make them heavier, or that can take heavier rings.

The reason you need higher weights is because, you constantly need to challenge your muscles to grow to a higher level, and also because there are exercises that are practically ineffective with smaller weights. Especially lower body exercises like squats.

You might also want to supplement your exercise space with a good quality exercise bench, even though this is not absolutely necessary, it might give you access to perform more exercises.

If you are going to be training at home, you also want to get a total workout as if you were at the gym and supported but there are many limitations that you must overcome. You have to avoid using excessively large weights because you have no spotter if things go wrong and so you must choose exercises and weights that do not place you in a difficult position.

Moreover, choose exercises that train all the parts of your body either in each training session, or concentrate on a particular part of the body each time. Here are some useful barbell exercises;

The floor press

The floor press is a useful in cases where you have no rack and no exercise bench. Therefore you can press from the floor.

If the rims of your barbell are large enough, you can actually go under them to perform this exercise.

Lying with your back flat on the floor, push the barbell up, hold, bring back down until your elbows are just off the floor and then repeat.

The deadlift

The deadlift is an exercise for overall body power development. It can be done easily without support from a spotter or an exercise rack.

Barbell rows

Barbell rows will allow you to strengthen your upper back. They also help you to develop muscles on your chest and the hips are made stronger because of their supporting action.

The overhead press

This can also be done to strengthen the arms, the back and the chest muscles. They are a great upper body exercise and can be done without a rack. You will have to power clean the weight to the back of your neck and then press from there.


Squats can be used to build the lower body. You do not want to miss on this. Without help or a power rack, you will need to lift the weight completely t o your shoulders before you start squatting.

OR for more such exercise just click the link below

You can do wonders with a barbell and a few weights.

Just follow this link and you will find all the barbell exercises at exercisegoals.com

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Jul 15, 2010
Barbell & weights
by: Mike

Hi Mike:

Yes, any form of training will be good, so long as you enjoy what you are doing. If you don't you won't do it for long. Persistence is the main thing. As an additional tool for your fitness 'tool box' try using a Jungle Gym - available from Lifeline USA. You can attach it to a secured bar, tree or wooden beam and do a whole variety of exercises such as dips, body rows, chin ups and elevevated pressups. Your body has to stabilise the whole time meaning you work much harder - a bit like a gymnast on the rings. Before long you'll be showing off doing chin ups with ease at the local park!

Best of luck

Mike (UK)

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