Swiss Ball Push Ups | Medicine Ball Push Ups | Bosu Ball Push Ups Exercise

Push Ups done with Swiss Ball, Medicine Ball or Bosu Balls add great variety to your push ups workout.

Learn the benefits of Push Ups Variations with pictures, technique to get strong Core, Chest and Arm Muscles.

In this article you will find three cool variations of Push Ups Exercise

  1. Swiss Ball Push Ups
  2. Medicine Ball Push Ups and
  3. Bosu Ball Push Ups

Muscles Used in Push Ups with Exercise Balls -

The Prime Movers: Pectoralis major and minor with help from deltoid and triceps muscles.

Stabilizers:  Abdominals and thigh muscles?

Stabilizers help you to stabilize your torso in this tough position and these muscles are continuously firing.

1. Swiss Ball Push Ups Exercise

a. With Feet on Swiss Ball

This exercise is done similar to regular push ups but with your feet on the Swiss ball.

Step 1: You begin the exercise with your arms extended and feet on the Swiss ball as shown in the picture. Keep your body, abdominals and arms tight and nice. Take a deep breath in.

Step 2: From this position, lower yourself keeping your body tight and rigid just like in regular push ups.

You will find the Swiss ball variation more difficult because the ball is an unstable surface and will force your core muscles to be highly activated. There is where the benefit lies in this exercise.

b. With Hands on the Swiss Ball

2. Medicine Ball Push Ups

3. Bosu Ball Push Ups