supersets- super sets- superset routines

by adil rao
(new york city)

The shoulder is a very attractive muscle in the chapters of bodybuilding and even in every day life.

Your Shoulder muscle not only completes the arms muscularity, it defines your broadness and ability to lift heavier weights.

Supersets help increase shoulder strength and size a lot. Later raises and frontal raises supersets are the best in order to build shoulder definition.

The best mass builder workout is Arnold presses and military presses. Shoulders are however very weak muscles and the real muscle to work out is the great back.

Power Cleans and pull ups are the best exercises for the back.

How to use Supersets Properly

A superset in weight training is a method for intensifying the workout program. It is a training method whereby you go through a particular set of exercises one after another without rest in-between the sets.

When doing supersets, you only rest after the superset is complete, not after the set of each exercise.

Supersets are useful for accomplish much during a limited exercise period. Useful for busy people, you will usually take less time to complete your
exercise routines and be on your way. Another useful advantage of doing supersets is that the muscles are worked to a higher level during each exercise session, therefore burning more calories in the process and leading to gains in muscle mass to a higher degree.

Techniques for doing supersets properly

1. Since supersets involve moving quickly from one exercise to another, it will be difficult to do all the exercises that you are involved it consistently if you are already using heavy weights that involve little repetitions. This may
tire the muscles quickly if you are training the same muscles and therefore it is better to reduce the weight you are dealing with to a comfortable one that allows for many more repetitions.

2. t is important that you change the order of the exercises, as well as the concentration of the exercises for maximum efficiency, and so that every muscle fiber will have a chance of being worked in the process. One way of doing this
is to use exercises that train the same muscle mass, moving from one of those exercises to another in a superset. Another way is to perform exercise sets that work on opposing muscle groups in the same superset.

3. After you complete each superset, you have to allow longer time to rest because your muscles will need more time to rest after the intensive exercise that they have undergone. However make sure that the resting period is not too long, and that you are breathing adequately during the resting period to recover faster.

Examples of supersets that you can use

Sample superset for the chest and back

This superset is made up of flat bench press and the bent over rows. Do them one after the other in quick succession and make sure that you do about 10 to 12 repetitions each.

Sample superset for shoulders and Lats

You can do a typical shoulder exercise like the bench press, followed by the lat pull downs, then followed by pull ups. Do about 10 to 12 repetitions each.

Sample supersets for the legs

Do about 10 repetitions of squats, followed by 10 repetitions of leg presses or dead lifts.

Sample superset workout for the midsection and Abs

With the Abs you can do 10 to 15 sets of crunches, followed by the plank, reverse crunches, oblique crunches in quick uccession.


All these exercise descriptions can be found at the 
Exercise Database.


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