Super Huge Muscle Building Tips

by Drake

I am 17, 6'4 210 pounds. im freaking huge. if big words get you confused heres the easy way to put it if you wanna build mass.

Eat lots, drink a protein shake with every meal and swap out soda and everything else for water if your thirst.

Have 5 meals, just like, a banana, salad or tuna.

Post workout is my biggest protein meal. I take a shake with peanut butter and banana (120g protein) and 3 cans of tuna (68g proteing) and on the side maybe some steak(about 40g)

As you see i eat a lot from that meal. it gives me half my protein needs since i do 2g per pound, you can do 1, but whatever. hope i help someone out there.


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Dec 07, 2010
Re: super Huge Muscle Building Tips
by: Anonymous

What do Gorillas, Horses, Bulls, Rhinos & Elephants eat? That's right - veg. No protein shakes and certianly not "all the amino acids required for muscle growth". And of course where talking bulk for the sake of bulk not useful useable muscle as it real athletes.

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