stair running made easy

Stair Running

Stair Running

Find the tallest building in your area and just run to the top of the building and back down as many times as you like its fun and burns calories. It helped me get fit.

How to use Stair Running to Build Stamina

There are not many people that can climb up stairs without pausing for a rest at some point. Staircases are one of the measures of stamina and if you find yourself winded after a few steps, it is usually an indication of poor stamina.

One of the best methods of improving stamina is to do stair running, and many sportsmen and athletes are using this method in their exercise regimes. Besides building stamina, it is also an excellent exercise for burning body fat quickly.

Here is how to do stair running the right way
Try to skip one step in the process if you are running on steps that are normally spaced (some have wider spaces and some steps can be uncommonly close together). This will force you to stretch out more which required more effort and the greater the challenges you are able to overcome, the greater the benefits to your health.

Use the whole body instead of just your legs. Let your hands swing out as you move up and down the stairs. Implicating your body will give you momentum to move forward and will help also to increase the activity of the body to burn more fat and work out all the regions of the body.

Try as much as possible to keep your weight on your toes as you move. It makes for quicker and lighter movement and also stretches the muscles on the legs that are involved.

Involve your tights in the action by not completely extending your legs as you climb.

Use progressive overload like in weight training exercises to improve stamina. Start slowly with a few steps, and gradually increase the number of steps climbed, or increase the number of rounds that you do. You can also increase the intensity by trying to climb faster or by using a weight.

Some people use an ankle weight that increase the strength and builds the muscles of the legs, while you can also use a backpack that will increase the difficulty for the whole body.

Once you are able to climb regularly and have found a good level of fitness, the next thing to do is to keep going week by week and month after month. Make it a part of your schedule to run steps at least once a week.

This will enable that you do not lose the level of fitness that you have gained.

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