Slim and weak toThick and meat - Muscle Builder Tips

This is a picture of me in February 1999 holding my daughter and another of me in November of 2001. I began weight training in June of 1999 for recreation and basically occupy my time in between work. I started out at 137 lbs and after 11 months I gained roughly 18lbs.

Two years later, I entered my first bodybuilding competition at the NPC Bodyrock held in Virginia. I took the novice lightweight class and after that I was hooked!

After a few more contests were under my belt, I set my sights on obtaining my pro card. I wanted to enter an organization that held stringent drug testing policies and through my research found that the WNBF was the foremost organization providing polygraph along with urinalysis testing.

Monday – Legs
Tuesday – Chest
Wednesday – Back
Thursday – Shoulders
Saturday – Arms

On Tuesday, I will do a full blown Chest workout, then do 3 sets of a shoulder and tricep exercise.

On Wednesday, I will do a full blown Back workout and 3 sets of Bicep work.

Thursday – I will do a full shoulder workout and throw in 3 sets of a chest presses.

I generally don’t train abs because once I start dieting they come in. They get a lot of indirect work from heavy squatting and deadlifting so I do ab work intermittently usually in between sets of another exercise to keep them sharp.

The best possible 2 supplements you could use when training is creatine supplement and MUSCLE MAX.

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