Really Cool Upper Body Workout by Me for You

by Manny

Get some 20lbs. dumbbells and do curl ups 12 sets of 12. Then start curling!

When that's not hard enough, start with 20 sets of 20, with 40lbs.
and if that doesn't even work, do military pushups. Do 100 of em.

How to Create an Upper Body Workout Plan

Though weight training is important for creating fine and sculpted bodies that are physically appealing, it is also important to note that doing them the right way will help for a healthy life and prevent certain diseases and loss of movement that may come with aging, as well as prevent the likelihood of injuries as your bones become stronger with training. Weight training will also enable you to perform your daily tasks correctly and without pain.

In creating a good workout program for your upper body, you first have to consider the other exercises that you are doing for other parts of the body so that you do not train the upper body to excess while leaving the other parts behind in the training and development of power. You have to make sure that the weights and repetitions that you are using match your overall training schedule so that you will have a balance in muscle and strength development.

You also need to consider factors such as your overall health, your age as well as the
equipments that are available to you so that you can maximize the equipments that you already have or improvise when the need arises. There is no need to include exercises that will need equipments that you don’t have.

In the workout plan, make sure that the upper body exercises are done about once or twice weekly so as to give the upper body muscles to rest and recover, and give a chance to involve in exercises that involve the muscles of other body parts.
In order to make an upper body exercise that will challenge your body and enable you to develop physically, you need to change the exercises that you do in each session. This is because your muscles could get used to a particular exercise and you won’t see much progress after a time. Therefore you need to get a good repertoire of exercises so that you are able to change the exercises that you perform during each session. Having different kinds of exercises will ensure that you work all the different muscle groups in the upper body.

Exercises to include in your upper body workout program

Some of the exercises to include in your upper body workout program include;
The good old push up, flat bench presses, the inclined bench press, dumbbell flys, reverse curls, dips, lateral raises and lat pull downs.

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