Quarter Squats - How to do Quarter Squats Exercise with Proper Form

by John
(Katy, Texas)

A great exercise for the whole body, especially spinal muscles top to bottom, midsection, quads, glutes, shoulders; upper back.

Benefits of Qyarter Squats: It
-Promotes balance development necessary to handle the really heavy weights that can be employed in this exercise.
-Will test how strong midsection really is and
-it will Not be unusual to soon be able to handle 400-500 pounds (or more)in these movements.

Execution Steps:

Load the bar on a squat rack. Set the rack so bar is about four inches below normal shoulder loading for regular squats.

Step underneath, place bar on shoulders, bend knees, take several deep breaths, tighten core and straighten back so there is no strain on either spine or muscles (butt is thrust forward somewhat).

Straighten knees and raise the bar straight up from the rack. Lower slowly onto the rack. (Slow negative movement has substantial benefits.)

Performance Tips: Spend several sessions to select the proper loads, as best results come from handling maximum weights.

Start with 100 pounds and do one-rep, adding plates until it becomes difficult to perform the single lift. Work up to being able to go 8-12 reps with maximum weight.

Increase weight over time as development permits.

Amazing Benefit: Develops great total strength and mass and has a high "satisfaction" factor.

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