Pyramid Squats

by Paul Gelineau

Pyramid your weight up til you get to 4 reps with good form,then pyramid down til you get to 12 reps.I guarantee that you will notice a size difference in 4 weeks.


How to do pyramid squats

Squats remain as one of the most effective exercises for building the muscles of the lower body. Squats can be performed either by using free weights or by using machines. Pyramid squats can be used to increase the intensity of the squats, enabling the trainer to make increases in power as well as developing muscles quicker in the legs and thighs.

The principle of the pyramid squat uses progressive overloading during each session, stressing the muscles to higher muscles. During this high stress periods, the muscle structure usually become destroyed in the process, giving
way for the growth of stronger muscle structure in its place.

There are several methods for doing a pyramid squat which is usually attached to different theories on the output of the different methods. One of the methods is as follows;

First method to do a pyramid squat

Remember that the base of the pyramid is larger than the tip of the pyramid, so therefore your pyramid squat is designed to give you more repetitions at the bottom than at the top. Therefore you start with a weight that gives you enough room do be able to do from between 10-15 repetitions. You then move to a medium
weight that permits you to perform about 6 to 8 repetitions. At the top you move to a higher weight that can allow you go for between 2 to 4 repetitions. From the top you repeat the cycle working your way down to the medium and then to the lightweight.

Second method to do a pyramid squat

Another way to pyramid when doing squats is to move to a higher weight each time you lift the barbell. This is usually an assisted squat, with two people helping you from each side by putting in the weights at each end of the barbell.

From the starting position, you have a basic weight on the barbell, you bend with the correct form with your knees bent, with your back slightly inclined to the front, you hold the position for a few seconds and then rise up. You come back down for the first repetition and then the weight is increased by adding weight plates on each side of the barbell.

Then you rise up with the added weight, take a few seconds standing straight and then going squatting again. Another plate is then added to increase the weight, you rise up with the added weight, hold, squat, then hold while the weight is added until you are at the limit.

Then when you rise at the largest weight you can handle, and squat, the weights are progressively removed so you rise up lighter and lighter until you are at the starting weight again.


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May 02, 2010
Great tips
by: GoFast Col

You're providing some great hints amd tips - been following for a while and really appreciate it.

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