Pyramid Chest Workout to Build Bigger Chest

by lew

Start by doing chest flies with 25 lb dumbbells for 15 reps. Immediately lay back flat on the bench and do a set of 15 reps at 135. Steadily increase weight and lower reps and this makes for a great start to chest day.

How to use Pyramid Sets for Chest Exercises

It is a generally accepted fact that in order to see improvements when lifting weights, it is necessary to make progressive increments in the weights that are used in training during each exercise session. This is one way to know that you have increased in strength, and is also another way to keep building muscles.

The principle of pyramid sets during workouts uses this same idea, however the weights are increased during the same exercise session and not spread out during different exercise sessions. Pyramid sets use two different patterns; the ascending pyramid set and the descending pyramid set.

In the ascending pyramid set, the workout starts with smaller weights and moves to bigger weights. By the end of the exercise you will be using a weight that will let you do just about 1 or two repetitions.

In the descending pyramid exercise set, the workout session starts with a bigger weight and then goes down to a smaller weight.
Sometimes both sets are combined, and it is mostly done first in the ascending order, and then in the descending order to close the exercise. This is because the descending pyramid exercise may also serve as a cool down exercise, gradually relaxing the muscles after working them out with the bigger weights.

Whether you are using free weights or machines for doing chest exercises, it is possible to use pyramid sets to see increases in muscles and strength. One of the basic exercises for building the chest is the bench press. Here is how to use the pyramid set for the dumbbell bench press exercise;

Using pyramid sets for the dumbbell bench press exercise

• Start the exercise with a small weight that will allow you to do up to about 10-12 repetitions easily.
• Rest for 2-3 minutes and then go for a heavier set of dumbbells that will allow for about 8 to 9 repetitions.
• After that go for bigger and bigger weights until you arrive at a weight that allows for about 1 or two repetitions. You are now at the top of the pyramid.

• Then start by going to the next weight in the reverse order until you get back to the first weight that you used.

This type of pyramid sets can be applied to; the inclined dumbbell press, barbell press, dumbbell flyes and the chest dip exercises that together can be seen as the best chest exercises recommended to anyone wishing to see rapid progress in their chest workout.

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