Passed out on 8X8 weight training workout

by zenmeister
(Bay Area)

I read up on an old weightlifting program used by bodybuilding icon Vince Gironda, known as the 8x8. Basically, the program takes any exercise and does 8 sets of 8 reps. While this may sound easy, there is a catch; only 15-20 seconds of rest between sets. After previously trying it on tricep pulldowns and with barbell curls (and getting my arms fried!) I decided to try it with squats. After the seventh set (I was breathing hard and legs were aching) I set the bar on the rack, took two steps and blacked out. I awoke to a few gym members helping me up.

Now to the real reason why I am writing this. I know it is hard to start doing squats at the gym; you might be self conscious about how much you lift, you do leg press and extensions "instead", but the real reason so many people avoid them is that they are just hard. Nothing will get you sorer or more tired then some heavy squats. To all those who avoid squats, I have a message: just suck it up and do them. You won't be squat till you squat.

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