NO2 Muscle Building Supplement - Nitric Oxide Hemodilator Supplement

NO2 is widely claimed to be a Muscle Building Supplement as it is a potent Hemodilator. Learn more if this supplement works and if it is for you.

Every now and then a new supplement hits the market with amazing promises and awesome Muscle Gains. Is NO2 really what companies claim? Read more to find out .

NO2 is claimed to

  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Give awesome muscle pumps during workouts
  • Hyper responsive Fast twitch muscle cells
  • Help faster Muscle recovery and much more.

There are lot of ads in the magazines showing professional bodybuilders popping a NO2 pill and feeling better in a few seconds.

But there is more to the story.

What is NO2 and how can it help Build Muscle?

Glad someone is asking rather than hitting the local stores to try it out. No2 is essentially a Highly reactive oxidant. It is essentially a free form gas produced normally in the body by an enzymatic breakdown of amino acid Arginine.

NO2 [Nitric Oxide] is a potent Hemodilator a.k.a Vasodilator. It simply opens up blood vessels and allows more blood to flow in to Muscles and Major organs like brain and Lungs.

NO2 cannot and will not Build Muscle directly. It does help get better pumps and muscles filled with blood not only looks bigger and vascular but the removal of toxins and fresh oxygen supply does really help lift more and heavier with faster recoveries due to faster toxins elimination.

If you are eating clean as per guidelines mentioned in the Muscle Building Nutrition Section and taking the basic Muscle Building Supplements well and have extra money and some motivation{ like competing} then you might want to try NO2 and see how it works.

Make sure you chart your progress well.

NO2 Improvements

One such discovery and almost all supplement industries want to get better.

NO2 is no exception. There have been much more research and newer work to improve NO2 release, to make it faster and stronger.

Liquid preparations have come in just like Creatine monohydrate. These are supposed to contain pre-dissolved NO2 molecules and hence have superior absorption.

Side Effects of NO2 Supplementation

Some bodybuilders have reported Gastric Upset, diarrhea and sometimes weakness.

If you want to use it get started slowly. Take small doses for a week or two and see the difference.

Also available are combinations of NO2 and Creatine. They are supposed to act synergistically to enhance Muscle strength and Pump.

Where to Buy says that NO2 products have been chosen to be the Best Muscle Builders for year 2006. But believe nothing until YOU see results.

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