need weight loss challenge and change

by Maria Isabel

Hello my name is Isabel I'm a 34 yrs old I have a daughter 5 yrs old, I'm always in a diet and now I realise I need change...I'm 5.6 and 1.33 pounds and I wish you could give a tip in what supplements should I take and a routing exercise...I like weight training but I can afford to pay an trainer.

I take amino acid pill in the past they helped me to cut up my body and show more muscle...also I like to take carnetine and jell capsula that help not to be to flab...but an year ago I gain some pounds after miscarriage and I stopped everything, a fel my leg to fat and I have those big leg and skinny buttow, my body always gain wain on leg, waist and arms, I do not have a big belly or flab I really try to take care but for me is very hard ....I want to lose more 5 pounds and have my body very nice..


How to challenge yourself to lose weight

Obesity is currently one of the scourges of our society, affecting both the young and the old alike. It has not only become a national problem, but an international one as most countries of the world are seeing the shift as their populations become increasingly large and immobile.

It has been revealed that over ninety percent of those who make the resolution to lose weight never make it to the stage where they actually see significant changes in their weights, almost all that succeed to lose a few pounds take them back again almost immediately in the period that follows their weight loss program.

Therefore there needs to be something more than just following a diet, or getting into a weight loss program that should guarantee that someone can actually decide to lose weight and make it.

In fact there have been a few people that have succeeded to lose weight and remain slim and healthy all their lives. When you look at the lives of such people you find that they have one thing in common. They kept at it, even when they were not seeing results. They stayed motivated and challenged themselves to get smaller each day.

Here are some techniques that you can use to challenge yourself and keep yourself motivated to losing weight.

Set realizable goals

Many people lose the ability to continue their weight loss programs because they could not reach their daily goals or their weekly objectives. While goal setting is a good thing, setting goals that are realizable and not unattainable is a very good idea. For example, setting the goal of losing a pound a week is a very good one, and very much realizable, and can be achieved without much stress.

A daily dose of 30 minutes aerobic exercise for a full week can achieve this. You can even set it lower, as long as you achieve it, it is better than nothing. Setting goals like losing up to 3 pounds a week will just remove all your motivation when the end of the week you cannot at achieve this.

Read the biographies of those that have succeeded and apply some of the lifestyle changes that you can adopt.

One of the ways of getting motivated is by reading the biographies of people that have succeeded to lose weight, and even those of people that have succeeded against great adversities. This can usually be a motivating factor. When you can mentally motivate yourself, you are more likely to keep on the path of going along with your plan.

Join a group of people that are going for the same goals for motivation

Joining a group of people that are motivated to lose weight is a good way to feel motivated as you will usually not want to stay as the one that lags behind. A group like this will act a support as you encourage each other along the way.

Learn more about weight loss and apply what you learn

There are many different ways to lose weight. It is not only to go on a limited diet or to avoid eating. Taking time to learn about food, healthy living and other weight loss ideas and incorporating these ideas in your daily life will do a lot to enable you challenge your present lifestyle.

One of the best ways of achieving this is to set about 15 minutes to 1 hour each day to reading something concerning health and dieting. This information will help you look at how you are feeding yourself and treating your body, and this critical look will help you understand and apply the changes needed to move you to better health.

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