My Monday, Wednesday & Friday Workout Routine (intermediate-advanced)

by Mason Smith
(Calgary AB. Canada)


do 3 sets of 6-10 reps each

3.bench press
4.wide grip overhand pull ups to front (weighted)
5.incline bench press
6.bent over barbell rows
7.standing military press
8.upright rows
9.tricep dips (weighted)
10.barbell curls
11.standing calf raises (3 x 6-10 + partials to 20)
12.crunches/hanging leg raises (3 supersets to fail)

This routine is intense but worth it if you
are serious about gaining mass. If you think
squats and dead's are to close together move the
deadlifts elswhere like after bent over rows is good.
I like to do squats & dead's back to back in the beginning when i am fresh, dont wory you will adapt. If you think this routine is to much, or you can't do squats and dead's in the same workout, or 48 hours is to short a time to recover from that, or full body programs using mostly compound exercises are for begginers only, i strongly advise you study B.S. (Before Steroids) Bodybuilders 1940-1970 and check out how they gained mass naturaly like: Reg Park, Steeve Reeves, Bill Pearl, John Grimek, Marvin Eder ect... The volume of this routine is similar to a Reg Park routine i used a while back. By the way Reg Park
was Arnold Schwarzeneggers idol and inspiration.

Check these out:

Especially this one:

REG PARK 5x5 ROUTINE (lots of volume like mine):
45-degree back extension 4x10
Front squat 5x5
Back squat 5x5
Standing barbell shoulder press 5x5
Bench press 5x5
Bent-over barbell row 5x5
Deadlift 5x3
Behind-the-neck press or one-arm dumbbell press 5x5
Barbell curl 5x5
Lying triceps extension 5x8
Standing barbell calf raise 5x25

You can find that routine here:

Well enjoy this routine and remember to eat everything in your path especially if it once
could have eaten you.


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Oct 18, 2010
Workout Routines
by: Anonymous

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