My Fitness/Weight Loss High Energy Story

My story:

I'm Elizabeth. I am one month short of 68 as of today.
From my mid 20's until I was in my late 50's, I was limited by knee problems and a low back problem.
When my beloved partner, Gregg, died due to brain cancer in 1997, I thought, I want to be an athlete in my 60's. I was 54 at the time.

I got a trainer, and changed my life. I am in better shape in every way than ever in my life.

I study ballet and modern dance 5 days per week in a University dance program. I do consistent weight, strength, stretching, and cardio workouts. I bike ride most of time, rollerblade, some light jogging, and set new goals each year. (last year it was perfecting cartwheels, and learning a standard jump shot.)

I eat the basic athlete's diet of appropriate proteins, carbs, healthy fats. I have not had any refined sugar since 1978, I don't drink any alcohol or smoke anything. (not since college in the 1960's.)I also don't eat wheat, or other gluten grains. And, I enjoy my food! It is not a discipline or an effort to eat this way.

I want to include that when I was young, 15 up into my
20's, I was overweight, I ate compulsively and was generally miserable in my body. I was never obese but I weighed as much as 165.I am 5'3" tall.
I have been stable at about 123 for many years now. I never weigh myself, so I don't know exact numbers.

Here are some photos from 2010 back to 2008.

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