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by rajesh


I have played a lot of cricket as right arm fast bowler and now at 40 years i put on some weight. problem is my right chest is considerabily bigger than left. which exercise is good to me. please reply.

Hi Rajesh,

Its natural for your dominant arm and chest muscles to be bigger and stronger.

You can do more unilateral training to improve your lagging chest area.

Example - Single arm Dumbbell Chest Press or Flyes.

Hope that helps.

How to Correct Muscle Imbalances in Arm Muscles with Weight Training

Muscle imbalances may occur during weight training when the weight that is used to train is not distributed equally over the body. it usually arises from not using the correct form of training as such weight is imposed more one part than on the other which may consequently grow in size than the other parts. If not corrected early such imbalances may lead to fractures and other kinds of muscle injuries.

Correcting muscle imbalances with dumbbells

It is possible to see imbalanced in exercises that involve the barbells more than in those that involve dumbbells. This is because with dumbbells most people will do the same number of repetitions and use equal weights on both sides. However with barbells if one arm has developed more than the other, it can usually progress in this trend as the stronger arm is instinctively used to support more of the weight from the weaker arm, and therefore the imbalance becomes more pronounced.

When this occurs it is usually advisable to switch to dumbbells and to keep the stronger arm on a constant weight, while increasing the weight on the weaker arm to bring it to the same level of training as the stronger arm. Dumbbells have proven to be the best method of correcting muscle imbalances in arms because each arm can be worked independently without the risk of support from the other arm if both arms were employed in the same exercise as with barbell exercises.

Correcting muscle imbalances with barbells

Though the dumbbell is one of the best ways of correcting muscle imbalances in the arms, barbells can still be used to correct these imbalances too as long as you make a conscious effort to follow the correct form in training, and to make sure that the barbell is well positioned and acts equally on both arms.

Then using slow deliberate movements lift the weights while making sure that the stronger arm is not taking up the greater part of the load. In this way you are sure to eliminate the difference in strength and muscular form, allowing the weaker muscles to grow to meet the bigger one, while the more developed arm is kept at the same level to maintain its strength.

Early detection makes it easy to correct

When training with weights, it is very useful to give yourself a good inspection every once in a while as this will enable you to detect imbalances as soon as they occur and take steps to correct them immediately you notice them. This is important because muscle imbalances are easier to correct when they are detected early.

Hameed S.

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