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by Bibek
(Stillwater, Ok, US)

Monday: Chest/Triceps (dumb bell bench, incline bench, cables, decline bench, triceps (rope/straight bar) ABS

Tuesday: Legs, Squats, extensions, curls, lunges, calves, Biceps.

Wednesday: Back and Shoulders, Military press, ABS

Thursday: same as monday

Fri: same as tuesday

Sat: Same as wednesday

Sunday: rest day.

Pros and Cons of Working out Everyday

It is a well known and documented fact that the reason we have obesity and diseases that are related to it, especially heart disease and diabetes which may lead to even the disability of the young as well as the old.
Working out and has been shown to be one of the best factors that can be taken to reverse these trends in individuals. Individuals that work out stand a better chance of staying healthy and strong throughout life and in being more productive than those that do not work out.

Pros of working out everyday

• Preservation of health; working out will keep the body in optimum health by helping the organs to function efficiently.
• Working out improves the metabolism, helps in digestion and assimilation of nutrients by the body
• Daily workout will ensure that the strength of the muscles and bones are built up, making the body to be stable and less liable to injuries as people grow older.
• Daily work out is one of the activities of the day that can keep you relaxed and enable you to sleep better.
• People that workout daily are less likely to have cardiovascular diseases.

Cons of working out everyday

• Working out daily can be counterproductive after some time. It is possible at the beginning to see increases in strength, muscles and in endurance. After sometime it is possible that you do not see gains in strength anymore as the body needs time to rest and recover from the training sessions.
• Your muscles may become prone to injury if they are daily being worked.

Therefore from the points above, working out regularly or even daily is good as long as there is an understanding that after a while you need to stay off the iron and take a rest in order to regain form and structure of the muscles that may later on be broken down again to be during exercises to be built up into a stronger frame.

Without giving such time for the build up to take place, it is likely that the body will instead suffer dystrophy as you may be losing weight and muscles instead of gaining more muscles.

Another approach is to train at evenly spaced intervals instead of daily, such as 2 times a week with enough time between the training periods so as to make sure that the muscles are well rested before the next training session. This has proven to be one of the beneficial advices in weight training.

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