My 84 lbs weight loss- How to lose weight effectively

by Jason Kowalski
(Henderson, NV)

I was 322lbs. almost 2 years ago at 6'3 and after discovering an exercise and diet routine I have been able to successfully lose 84 lbs (down to 238) and still have not reached my desired target yet which is to get those 6-pack of abs!

I found out by eating more often throughout the day at smaller proportions it actually speeds up your metabolism. By cooking at home and finding out what worked for me and what didn't, I now have an regime that works.

I normally start out with an protein shake in the morning and eat 1 1/2 cups per meal (about 3-4 times per day spread out every 2-3 hours) of a 93% turkey or 93% ground beef mixture with brown rice and veggies. Also Grilled Chicken Breasts or Grilled Pork Chops are awesome to have also. I also lift weights 3-4 times per week mixed with an cardio and abs routine.

Day 1 Back/Bi's
Day 2 Chest/Tri's
Day 3 Cardio/Abs
Day 4 Shoulders/Abs
Day 5 Legs
Day 6 Cardio/Abs
Day 7 Rest.

For beginners, this is something that you must really want to do. It does come a lot easier once you get into the routine and supplements are an great way to help stay motivated.

I normally take White Flood prior to working out which is an Pre-Workout drink, and after working out, take Green Magnitude which is an creatine matrix, finished with another protein shake.

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