my 3 weeks workouts to lose weight

by mary

i want 2 work out for my weight,am 65 kg

am working out to be 48 or 50 kg

hope u will help

thank in advance

your faithfully


Hi Mary

The Weight Loss tips mentioned here will help you get started.


How to Lose Last 10 Pounds

The Last 10 pounds is generally used to describe the difficulty in completing the target that people had set on their weight loss programs. Generally as you go on a diet it is possible with your lifestyle to lose weight at a good rate. After that, weight loss can hit a ceiling and you will need to make an extra effort to lose the least few pounds.

Eat foods that will help you to lose more weight

A diet rich in fruits, vegetables and also high fiber foods which will increase your energy use and thus help you to burn more stored fat. Eating low fat diet and lean proteins will enable you to be healthy while enabling you to burn the excess fat.

Don’t skip meals

This is because when you skip meals you will usually have the tendency to overeat when you have to eat and this may cause you to take in more calories than necessary for your daily upkeep. Moreover when you don’t eat regularly your body may go to starvation mode and instead hold on to its stored foods and also try to accumulate more food when you eat which may be counterproductive to your weight loss program.

Engage in weight training

Some people can lose enough weight just with dieting alone. However once you hit a plateau, the best way to break this tie is to take your metabolism a step higher than the usual. Weight training can be used to achieve this as working out with weights will raise your metabolism and keep it high (after burn ) for several hours after the exercise session which will help the body burn more fat than it has been accustomed to.

Increase your metabolism by doing cardio

Engaging in cardio exercises will enable you to exercise your whole body and enable nutrients to move faster and wastes to be taken out quicker from your system. Aerobic exercises will also increase your metabolism and consequently burn more fat to help you lose the last few pounds.

Make sure that you drink water regularly

Not drinking enough water will cause the body to retain water which might be the reason for the last 10 pounds. Making sure that you drink water regularly during the day will ensure that the body has enough water and will not be retaining water which will help release the extra weight.

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Oct 15, 2015
by: Anonymous

Well, I was also looking for a plan that would actually help me to shed my weight by 10 to 15 pounds by the time limit that is mentioned here. I hope that the things that are said here will actually work.

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