Muscle Building Tip - Dont do it for others!!

by Darius Evans
(3415 Paulding ave bronx, NY)

If ur doing it to get some girl or just to look better than ur friends ur doing it for the wrong reasons. Do it because you want and you want to fell good about yourself.

How to Set Goals to Build Muscle

I am sure you have come across individuals that have bought the necessary equipment for weight training, registered at a gym with some good money but fail to follow through with the training.

On the other hand are also people that are training regularly in the gym but do not seem to make any improvements in terms of the development of muscles or in their overall fitness.

Though these issues may arise from a number of factors, one of the most important aspects at the root of this problem is the absence of a clearly defined goal for building muscles.

What can be considered a good target?

Training without a target may almost lead to no gains, and may not so much as hold you to the task. The first thing to consider is what a good target may be. The first thing to do is to identify a very big goal for you and then cut it down into achievable sizes.

This is because if you set your sights at achieving an overall goal at once, it is possible to get disappointed along the way. However making sure that you make your goals achievable helps you to celebrate as you pass one milestone and then take on the next.

Set an exercise plan and keep to it

One of the best ways to make sure that you commit to your goals is to set a weekly exercise plan. The plan should detail the days for training and the time for training with enough resting periods in between.
Even if you have to train just once or twice a week, make it definite and endeavor to keep it. If you miss a training date, replace it with another.

Use incremental loading in weight training

The best way to see increases in muscle size during training is to make sure that you increase the load of the weights you are training with during each exercise session. If you fail to do this, you will easily reach a plateau and will not see much gain. Increasing the load stimulates the muscles to grow in size.

Know that it takes time to see changes

When many people get into weight training they want to see changes immediately. However the initial changes may be evident, but it takes sustained effort, day by day over a period of time to have a body that can be admired or at least perform with optimum strength.

Make sure that in your goal setting you identify periods of about 3 months and six months to see good changes. This will keep you committed for a longer time, and the gains that you will have will be longer lasting.

Make sure that the goal setting involves a diet plan to go with it

Only setting exercise goals without making sure of the diet you are on may offset any training that you do. Making sure that you include a good diet plan with your training goals will make more likely to succeed at reaching your targets.
Keep a journal of your changes

One of the best ways to encourage goal setting is to make it a part of the goal to track changes as you go on in a health and fitness journal. You can do this by taking snapshots of yourself in different stages at different months to see your progress, and also in recording other vital signs of the your changing body like the dry body mass and weights you are able to carry in each session.

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Feb 16, 2011
Re: Muscle Building Tip - Dont do it for others!!
by: Anonymous

Although muscle building is not a fitness category - it is a beauty category - same goes for weight loss.

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