Muscle Building & Weight Gain Shakes and drinks

Best Muscle Building and Weight Gain Shakes and Drinks to get those extra calories and proteins. Tips on using and Buying the best Meal Replacement Powders.

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Common Eating Problems and how Muscle Shakes solve them

You are eating as per the Muscle Building Nutrition guidelines I have mentioned, you are seeing progress but your appetite doesn't seem to be growing as fast and your are so much in need of 25 hours per day!

Hang on, one problem at a time please! I am here for help.

Muscle Building Shakes/drinks are an excellent choice if you are short on time, cannot prepare meals, cannot eat enough or simply want pure high quality nutrients in the form of complex carbs and complete proteins.

Tips on using and Buying best Muscle Building & Weight Gain Shakes


  1. Use Protein Shakes only for convenience and ease.
  2. Always ensure the carb-protein ratio falls in the caloric range as mentioned under the Muscle Building Diets Section. Avoid Shakes with 20g proteins and 80g carbs as found in many mass gainers as you will gain the wrong kind of weight namely Fat!
  3. Use shakes only between real food meals and Post workout drinks. When its Meals time eat and not drink your meals.
  4. Add a Protein Shake with at least 30g protein post workout. Your Muscles are hungry at this time and want all the protein they can get.
  5. Add 1-2 tsps of Flaxseed or Udo's choice oil to your shakes to get the Omega Polyunsaturated Essential oils so crucial for hormone production.

Where to buy Best yet affordable Muscle Building Shakes?


Where else. I highly suggest Bodybuilding Superstore for all your Supplements, Shakes and Whey Protein Supplies as they are the best in the business. Also they are credible.

No Nonsense Muscle Building by Vince Delmonte


Vince Delmonte's course is also called "The Skinny Guys secrets to Insane Muscle Mass".

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