Muscle Building Recipes - Free Breakfast,Lunch Recipes and Menu plans

Bodybuilders owe a lot of their Muscle to their Kitchen Tables.

Check these bestMuscle Building Recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and Sunday recipes and eat to grow.

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Bodybuilding and Muscle Building Recipes - A Primer

The Key to successful Muscle recipes is planning. You cannot wait until the last minute to determine where your next meal will come from. Its a recipe for disaster.

Some people cook several days in advance and stack it in the refrigerator. I think its not such a good idea to eat long stored food. So do not go more than 2 days in advance.

Must know points before you start cooking


  • In planning your Bodybuilding recipe remember that Skinless Chicken breast, plain rice and vegetable combined with essential oils have produced more muscle than all other put together.
  • When buying canned foods ensure that there are zero/near zero added sugars, salts or fats.
  • Always use low-fat, low sugar sauces.
  • Use good oils like Olive oils or peanut oils instead of the highly saturated ones.
  • Buy only lean meat and skinless chicken breasts.
  • Try avoiding Tuna as it is associated with raised mercury levels in the blood. You can eat fish once or twice a week as it has quality proteins and essential oils, but do not make it a habit for regular consumption. Also when compared to chicken tuna sucks!

Best Muscle Building Recipes - Mouth Watering and Muscle Building.

1- Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Scramble 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites in a Bowl and fry them with vegetable Oil.

Add Flaxseed or Udo's Choice Oil - 1-2 tsps

Make a toast of 3 bread slices and pour the eggs making it a  sandwich.

Add an orange Juice or just eat apples, grapes or any other fruit with skin to get ample fibers.

Amount  - 1 serving with 400 calories, carbs - 50g, protein 30g and fats - 20g.


2 - Breakfast or Lunch Chicken Sandwich

Chief Ingredients are Chicken Breast, Cheese and Bacon.

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