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1. How many times a week to lift weights for building
bigger muscle?

2. Building Muscle With No Weights? How to Build Muscle
with No Weights?

3. How to start building muscle? And how long does it take
to start building muscle? Or how long does it take to see results when building

4. Can building muscle mass slow down weight loss?

5. Is it dangerous to take muscle building products if you
have diabetes?

6. How do i mix up my muscle building workouts?

7. How do protein powder muscle building drinks work? How
to make muscle building drinks?

8. How long will it take for me to go from building muscle
to burning fat?

9. How much should you run when building lean muscle?

10. How often a week should you do ab exercises when
building lean muscle?

11. Are full body workouts best for building muscle?

12. Is whole meal bread good for building muscle?

13. What happens to fat when you start building muscle

14. What is a good muscle building sport? What is the best
muscle building sport?

15. What is the best hgh product for building muscle?

16. Building muscle over 50? How do I do it?

17. Muscle Building after sixty {60}? How do I do it?



Muscle building workouts can be done any number of times a week depending upon the intensity of each workout. Normally, muscle soreness sets a few hours after a workout. Working out during soreness is to be
avoided as soreness indicates micro tissue tears. One must rest until full recovery of the sore muscle. The best way to utilize the whole week is to alternate workouts with different body parts.

In my opinion, protein supplements are unnecessary because research says that just 4-8 gms of protein is enough after a workout. More than this amount does not help in building more muscle. The most important thing is time of consumption of protein rather than the amount.

Protein is to be consumed at a minimum of a gram per kg of body weight during non-training days and a little more(about 10 gms more) during workout days. This extra protein is needed to help rebuild the damaged tissues.

Fat loss takes place immediately after putting on even a little amount of muscle because muscles consume energy and the more muscle you have, the more is the fat loss. Hence, one has to consume more calories after building muscle to maintain the muscle mass, and of course, the protein requirement increases with increasing weight.

Bodybuilding can be took up, or continued even after 50 or 60 yrs of age. It, in fact helps keep oneself healthy during old age.

Whole body workouts are not recommended because one would then have to rest all week because there would be no muscle left un-sore to train.

Consume natural proteins, drink lots of water and sleep at least 8 hrs a day.

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Jan 04, 2011
rE: Muscle Building Questions and Answers - Help me
by: Anonymous

Protein does not build muscle - stop reading all the adverts in the fitness magazines - its all bogus.

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