Best Muscle Building Breakfast Tips - Shakes and Recipe Plans

When it comes to eating to  Build Muscle, Breakfast may be the most important meal. With the breakfast tis in this article you can start building Muscle from Breakfast to supper.

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Why you need a Muscle Building Breakfast

The same reason you need to eat to survive. But as you are worried about not only survival of your Muscles but also want then to grow fast breakfast is critical.

An excellent, highly nutritious breakfast will supercharge your metabolism, build Muscle and energize you all in one. If this was not a good enough reason, then getting your body out of the overnight catabolic state should get you motivated to make your breakfast a Power Breakfast.

"Eat to Grow not for Convenience"

Before you eat your favorite cereal, ask yourself where is the protein and essential fats? We have almost no problem in our carb consumption but proteins and fats needs extra care. Protein builds muscle and essential fats are indispensable for hormone production.

Many professional bodybuilders have taken this concept to the limit. They even get up in the middle of the night to drink a Protein shake!. While many of us may not be interested in such an obsession, eating a quality breakfast is absolutely crucial to your Muscle Building Goals.

Breakfast is the Rudder of the day. Have you heard of the saying "Eat breakfast like a King"? They say it for a reason. Breakfast is just that - Breaking the fast! And this makes it the most important meal of the day to Build Muscle [ right as important as your Post workout meals.]


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Tips on Muscle Building Breakfast


  • Never miss your Breakfast if you want to Build Muscle.
  • Remembering you are breaking an 8 hour fast so make Breakfast very nutritious with plenty of Complex Carbohydrates and Proteins.
  • A good breakfast will not only help you Build muscle it also sets the tone of the day.

Recommended Breakfast Foods

  • Cereals
  • Oats
  • Milk
  • Honey
  • Yogurt
  • Fruits
  • Eggs
  • Protein Shakes
  • Udo's Oils
  • Low fat Cottage Cheese

Simple or Complex Carbohydrates?


Simple Carbohydrates can be eaten at breakfast as they provide with immediately usable energy. Its the only time other than Post Workout Meal when I suggest this.

All Fruits, Honey, raisins and dates are good choices as Simple breakfast foods. Remember they are a great choice for immediate post-workout meal as well. They provide instant energy fueling muscles after an intense workout and to break an overnight fast!.

The Proper Carb-Protein-Fat Ratio for Breakfast

The Best Carb-Protein ratio I have found is the60-40 one. 60g of carbs and 40 g of proteins for example is an excellent breakfast to Build Muscle and Lose Fat. Add to this 1-2 tsps of Flaxseed oil and you are on an highway to your Muscular body.

It can be 65-35 or 70-30 but remember don't bother toooooo much with the numbers. Try to be as close to the ratio I mentioned here but remember Progression NOT perfection is what you should aim at!.

Instant Breakfasts - Breakfast Protein Shakes and Drinks

Wake up and Smell your Proteins. One of the biggest challenges Weight Trainers complain about is Protein consumption. It used to be a problem for me too.

If you are skinny then your appetite is probably small too. Although I have seen mega-eating skinny guys but mostly they eat is carbs and high fat foods. Protein is the real hurdle.

This is where Muscle Building Shakes come in to the picture. They not only provide excellent proteins but they are also a major time saver.

But before buying any Protein Powder make sure the amount of protein is correct for your breakfast carb-protein ratio. Meal replacements are excellent choice here but Mass Gainers are not as they do not match the ratio I have mentioned.

Muscle Building breakfast Recipes


Its Coming up. Yummy yet nutritious recipes. Meanwhile if you have some recipes of your own then why not share it? Just submit your favorite Muscle Building Recipehere.

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