Love Exercise Tips here and Here is What I have now

by Faith
(Dover )

Okay well I am 13 year old girl who came to this site and now working out for 3 weeks doing everything.

I have a 6 pack of abs and they pop out they help with my running for track and cross-country and then they kill for basketball. I love the work out you guys suggested lol thanks so much

Hi Faith,

Thanks for showing faith in our workouts. It has helped us and now its helping hundreds.

thanks again.


How to Evaluate Weight Loss Results

Three are different kinds of weight loss programs that you can engage in, and most of the time, with consistent action you will definitely lose some weight in the process. However some people gain this weight back as fast as they lose them and sometimes people wonder at the effectiveness of the program they just followed.

There are many reasons for having the excess body weight. The diet is usually very important, and then there is the lack of proper exercise. Other evaluations can check the chemical compositions of the body such as the percentage of water, percentage of fat, percentage of muscles and also the chemical composition of the blood which really tells what is going on in the body.

One of the easiest ways of evaluating your weight loss results is to get the readings of your body mass indices before you start your weight loss program and then at regular intervals during the program to record your progress.

The importance of the Body Mass Index

The body mass index (BMI) is generally used to be a measure of the percentage of body fat that a person has. Sometimes we may lose weight without losing a significant amount of fat. We might just lose water weight especially when the method for weight loss was dieting. BMI will help us figure out the percentage of body fat we have left.

Sagittal Abdominal Diameter (SAD)

Another important measure of weight loss results is the measure of the Sagittal Abdominal Diameter (SAD). Weight gain is usually accompanied by a stretching of the abdominal regions and we can take these measurements by using SAD. This measures the diameter of the gut, and is an indicator of obesity and coronary disease. The changes in SAD are a strong indicator of the effectiveness of the weight loss program.

Checking for the metabolic syndrome

This is made up of different conditions and is a measure of different indices. These are abdominal obesity (waist circumference greater than 40 inches in men and 35 inches in women), a high blood pressure, low HDL (good) cholesterol, high triglycerides (fat) in the body, and a high blood sugar content (110mg/dl or greater ).

If you have about 3 of these measurements above normal levels, then you should be having the metabolic syndrome which is a serious indicator for the chemical composition of your body. Measuring these before and after your weight loss program will tell you how effective your weight loss program has been.

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