Best Leg Exercises for Seniors - How to Get Strong & Flexible Legs

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"Diet Was My First response to Cancer. The second was to complete my first Ironman Triathlon two years after my diagnosis".

-Ruth E. Heidrich, Author of Senior Fitness: The Diet and Exercise Program For Maximum Health and Longevity

How to do Effective Leg Training for Seniors

Exercise is ultimately the best weapon against problems that comes with aging. We all know that when we get older, we tend to lose our muscle strength and balance. This becomes a problem and poses a great risk for seniors in their safety.

Staying independent with activities of daily living for a senior person can be achieved through routine exercises starting from a younger age and carried on to later years. Recommended exercises for seniors include those that focus more on building balance and stability such as leg muscle exercises. Through this, falls caused by imbalance due to aging is lowered.

Strong and Flexible Legs = Flexibility Exercises + Weight Training + Quality Nutrition + Supplementation Like Antioxidants.

Leg Exercises for Senior - Men and Women Alike

Leg Stretches for Leg Flexibility

 - This exercise is done by holding on to a chair then slowly raising your heels from the floor on your toes and then lowering them again. Do this repeatedly for a couple of times. Another leg stretching is done by sitting down on a chair with the back completely on rest and straight, with both of your feet on the floor. Start by lifting one leg slowly, feeling the tightening of the muscles and try to hold it up for at least two seconds. Lower it down and repeat with the other leg.

Knee Flex Senior Fitness Exercise

To do this, you stand straight while holding on to a chair or a table to aid you with balance. Start by slowly bending the knee as far as you could possibly do that your foot lifts up and your heel is moving towards the buttocks. Hold this position for ten seconds then slowly lower your foot back down. Repeat the same with the other leg and add modifications along the way. This is usually done as a part of a regular strength exercise that aims to aid in balance.

Hip Exercises for Senior Fitness

- One of the most common encountered problems of senior people is osteoarthritis. If the muscles are weak, the hip suffers from "wear and tear" problems. Hip exercises are aimed to strengthen the muscles of our hips. Start with leg lifting by lying on your right side then slowly bending your right leg while the other foot is rested on the floor. Then you slowly lift the leg on top for about two feet above the ground. Hold this position for five seconds then slowly lower it down. Repeat these five times then change position to start again with the other leg.

Another hip exercise is called wall slide and is done by standing upright with the back straightened and against the wall. Position your feet shoulder width apart then slowly start bending the knees while sliding the back down the wall.

Do this until your knees are at a 45-degree angle and holding it on this position for three to five seconds. Then slowly go back to the original position by sliding your back against the wall at a count of five until your knees are straight. Do this routine four to five times.

Disclaimer - Always bear in mind that when doing leg exercises or any kind of exercise for that matter, it should always start slow as not to stress the muscles. It is advised that before starting an exercise, one should first consult a doctor and to stop immediately if symptoms such as difficulty of breathing is encountered. Although muscle aches are part of a normal exercise, it should not be confused with serious pains and aches that could possibly indicate that the exercise is too strenuous for you.

Add Weight Training  too. It can help you stay strong and avoid potential muscle weakness. And you can do bodyweight exercises, dumbbell exercises or weight train at home  too. Begin Your Training Now.

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