lean and ripped - Diet I used to get lean and ripped

by danny

I’m 5ft11, i was 16 stone and really unfit, I’m now 13stone fit ripped and healthy. Here is my training exercise...

First, mix your meals up every day small portions for lunch n dinner snack on fruit eat little and often,

Morning, for breakfast: bowl of fruit any kind whatever amount pint of water.

Lunch:tuna,2 slices of brown wholemeal bread, tomato, lettuce, onion, sweet corn, little low fat mayo, cup of tea no sugar skimmed milk.

Snack: more fruit n maybe celery n carrot helps digestion n bowel movement. pint of water,

Dinner: seard chicken, rocket or watercress lettuce, tomato, red onion or scallion, coleslaw small amount, and whatever you want thats veg....lemon n lime juice for dressing.

Now for the exercise routine, first buy yourself a punch bag n some gloves gas cylinder or a keg empty n a heavy Tyre a bike or running shoes. If money is a problem a sack n some saw dust save for gloves. If over weight lose the pounds first by sticking to this diet, and treat yourself at the weekend with something nice but not too much, remember you are what you eat, ok so

morning 10 o clock,30 min cycle or jog speeding up and slowing down make sure to bring water and sip it through your course.

When you arrive home wherever you train stretch i trained in the shedstart to hit the bag easy as time goes by you can start building up your power if thats what you want.

Next lift the tyre up n let it down easy for resistance do dis over n back the room 3 times flip it, empty gas cylinder or a keg lift to the chest back straight feet apart and breed out with the effort n slowly do these reps,3 sets of 10,

Now place the gas cylinder on the ground and something each side to stop it from moving or a small chair, place your legs on it n do 8 pushups,3 sets, jog on the spot for 1 min increasing and decreasing speed,10 sit-ups 3 sets,5 lunges 3 sets reverse lunges 3 sets jumping lunges 3 sets,

Browse around for combination for punching the bag do them for 5 mins n 10 min cool down maybe light walk or cycle. seems like alot for starting off but you will get used to it

Now for the evening 40mins after dinner, browse the internet for a routine that suits your ability for cardio n 1 for weight training, start off with a light weight n work your way up ,im 26 years old and feel great, you don't have to buy expensive equipment to get a nice body, even make up your own routine n stick with it when you get board of weight training and all that go to the pool or jus go for a walk.

Give yourself 1 day of recovery so train mon, wed, fri, on sat or sunday go for a light walk, i took no pills for weight loss r anything like that oh n drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day n some green teas der all the same dey all work, for digestion get ginger and lemon tea n no sugar or milk,

When you feel like your getting fitter try to increase your workout time by 15 mins n then you can train for 1 to 2hrs a day 1 in the morning n 1 in the ev, train easy for a long time dont try to squash too many things into 1 hr go at your own pace listen to some music takes your mind off it a little n enjoy, ders notin here really great but ive lost 3 stone n turned it into muscle without spending a load of money so you can do the same if your not to board at this stage sit down write out things to eat for your breakfast lunch n dinner doesn have to be what ive wrote you know what foods are healty jus stay away from processed foods..

You know you can do it just try youll be happy with yourself after,it took me 1 year to do this n get to the level i am now but 1 year is noting,im not goin to bore you anymore now so get cracking on your goals i wish you well and all the best.............

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Oct 21, 2015
by: Brad

Hey, thank you so much for the tips. I had been trying my best to tone up and loose the weight. Even though I had been able to lose weight toning up was the hardest part. Your tips made it easier.

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