LATS-Most difficult part to build

by HPG

Hi guys. Everyone may think that chest or leg muscles are the most difficult parts to build but the truth is that Lats are the longest time taking part to build.

It may be easy for some people to build a little lats but he/she may be only able to work either the upper or the lower lats. No one can easily work the whole lat in a single exercise.

The exercise is bent-over barbell rows..........wait, you all do this exercise isn't it? Then why am I telling this to you again? The reason is that there are many variants in this exercise, standing almost upright, bent over parallel to the floor, close-grip, wide-grip, underhand grip, overhand grip etc........but the most efficient and effective form to do this exercise is to hold the bar in an overhand grip with shooulder width, bending almost parallel to the floor and the

MOST IMPORTANT THING-BRINGING YOUR BAR TO YOUR WAISTLINE rather than to your CHEST. People try this and I definitely guarantee you for a huge perfectly shaped LATS.
Thank you

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