Lacking motivation - How to get Motivated to Build Muscle Mass

(Perth, Australia)

I want to train at my gym here at work, but i

lack the motivation.

As i work 12hr shifts (0530 - 1730hrs) and the gym is quite small, i find it
hard to be motivated to work out. Generally, late afternoon, there are sometimes
5 or more people in the gym doing their own thing.

I have tried setting out my own regime, but due to work and travel time, i cant
do all the routine for what i have set out.

When i do workout, i often don't follow the program i have set out, so i drop a
set here or there, etc. I also find myself over doing it, and often end up very
sore the next day.

What can i do? Spotter? Not likely.

I want to build muscle within 6-8weeks, with weeks 8-12 adding on to that. What
can i do??? Any idea's??


1. Set Exercise Goals
Correctly. Don't think beyond a weeks schedule to stay focussed.

2. Learn the Best
Muscle Building Strategies
or use a
Muscle Gain
Program with Forums
to help you get motivation seeing others results.

3. Get a like minded muscle builder to train with you. You got to become
uncomfortable at first with consistency both inside and outside the gym.

4. Set a very small goal, like a weekly goal.

5. Set daily goals and repeat to yourself, JUST FOR TODAY, JUST FOR TODAY, JUST

Get started as Dan Kennedy {famous copywriter} says, You cannot get anything
done sitting OYB {On Your Butt}.

Hope it helps.





You mention joining a gym? However, step into the majority of these gyms and you'll discover that it's a world of confusion, dissolution. isolation, monotony, demotivation and ultimately disappointment. Over 90% of gym goers never reach their goals and that's ignoring the ones who continue to pay gym fees but rarely, if ever, turn up or those who have forgotten their original goal that made them join in the first place. These gyms want your money and don't care if you come, so they don't have to spend money on equipment maintenance. And by having machines they don't have to employ high calibre trainers - it's all about economics and that's the business model they continue to use.
Look at the adverts for these gyms, it's all about enrolment - to get you hooked into a contract.

The reality is that the majority of these gyms are based around the body building mentality and it's been that way for over 40 years. No one questions whether or not the methods of training are acceptable to the general public because the people who work in this industry don't want to be exposed as unknowledgeable about fitness.

So let's take a closer look at the current state of the big gym:-

* Big gyms are based around the body building mentality - do you really want to be a body builder? Bloated, deformed and slow like prey: or would you rather be sleek, strong, agile, and lean like a predator?

* Many exercises encouraged at the big gyms are based around isolation exercise such as bicep curls, tricep extensions and leg extensions. I've been to numerous gyms around the country and all you see is rows of guys doing endless bicep curls. Is this a bicep curling contest? Anybody caught doing bicep curls or tricep kick backs should be laughed at. Similarly for doing endless sit-ups in the futile hope that it will reduce an ever increasing waistline.
* These gyms involve TV screens, ipod connections and dreaful music, thus encouranging you to tune out and not listen to your body - Is it because they think working out is boring? If it is boring you can't be doing it right - boring and focus cannot exist in the same space.

There is another way. Train at home with rings, body weight exercises, sledgehammers, kettlebells, sandbags, punch bags, medicine balls, basic gymnastics (Hand stands, walk on your hands, hand stand pressups etc). It's time you made a choice - continue with the boring and useless bicep curls in front of a mirror or sitting on a seat and pushing a weight (??) and get very little or up the intensity of your workout and get in the best shape of your life. You don't need a gym, you rarely need training shoes and it can be done at anytime inside or out.

Hope this helps.

Check out the following:-

Or anything by Steve Cotter or Mike Mahler or Steve Maxwell.

Best of luck

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