Killer Ab workout - Free Killer Ab workout

by Jeff

Use a decline bench setting it up by the cable machine. Choose a low weight and the rope attachment, setting the cable to its lowest possible position. Get on the bench grab the rope and get 10 to 12 good reps in. Try to do 4 sets on the last rep of each set stop in mid crunch and hold until you can't hold anymore.

Tips to Create an AB Workout Plan

Engaging in exercises for building the abs or in any other strength training exercises without a good exercise plan is one of the major factors that cause failure in following through with training and consequently failure in getting results for your efforts. Training without a workout plan makes it difficult to evaluate performance and also this may prevent you from working hard to achieve superior levels of fitness.

In order to get the best out of your AB workout, you need to create a good workout plan that will help you identify your current levels, engage you appropriately and also help you check your progress as you move along.

Tips for creating your AB workout plan

 The first thing is to realize that no one Ab workout can give you total training for all the parts of your Abs, the small and large muscles of your abs as well as those of your sides that work with the abs muscles. Include different exercises and learning to do these will greatly increase your potentials of building killer abs.
 The next thing is to workout at least twice weekly or more, but making sure that you give your Abs muscles time to rest between the training sessions.
 Design your exercises to start ideally from about 10 to 12 repetitions if you are able to do those. If not make sure you try to get to increase the number of repetitions, and reduce the times taken to achieve these repetitions.
 The numbers of sets are important. Make sure you include about 5 sets or more of each particular exercise for maximum benefits.
 Design your workout plan to show progressive overload. This can be achieved by increasing the repetitions as well as by increasing the resistance that if often done by using weights when performing the exercise routines.

A word of caution in following Ab workout routines

Though you can train the Abs very well by concentrating on doing Abs exercises, it may be counterproductive and may even lead to injuries should you work the abs muscles alone while leaving the other parts of the body untrained.

Especially for people that are trying to lose belly fat, Abs exercises alone are not sufficient to fight this off. Combining abs exercises with other useful aerobics and total body and weight training routines will enable the body to burn more fat, help condition the whole body and make it easier to develop the strength and endurance that may make your Abs exercises more effective.

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