Jogging - How to Start Jogging - Beginners Jogging Schedule

by John Hough
(delaware, USA)

I went to jog today. Very very fun. Excellent time with jogging outdoors. I ran 400 miles in two days, going with no food, water, sleep, or love. I was 400 pounds, now I am 150. I very strong man. Do my workout.

Beginner Jogging Tips

Jogging is one of the simplest exercise regimes you can put yourself under. It is a low impact exercise meaning that it has very low risk of getting the person practicing it to be injured. Moreover it can be used to give the body a full body workout, help improve the cardiovascular system, assist weight loss and also requires little or no investments as in the case of provision of gym equipments or paying a gym subscription.

Starting jogging is easy. You just need to get a good pair of jogging shoes and sports attire and you are well on your way. Here are some tips to help you along the way to this simple, cheap but nonetheless efficient means to a healthy life;

Morning Jogs can energize you for the day

In fact you can jog at any time of the day. You can jog indoors using a treadmill or you can jog outside. However if you do have the chance, jogging outside may have greater benefits physically and psychology. Jogging in the morning is however the most recommended as it will make you energized for the rest of your day. Moreover in the mornings the oxygen content in the air is higher than during other times of the day.

Jogging before breakfast helps give you a good appetite for the day

If you are jogging in the morning, go for it before you eat breakfast. It will give you a
good appetite for later on. You might however have a glass or two of water to get the fluids moving in your body. If you are jogging in the evening however, you should go for it about 1 hour after or so after your dinner or lunch. This will enable the body to be lighter for the jog.

Warm up before the jog and cool down at the end of jogging

You should jog lightly; stretch your body, skipping rope to get your muscles activated after the night of rest or the day of sitting behind the desk. This will help the muscles to perform better as taking the muscles from rest straight into action may lead to injuries. Also make sure that you finish your jog by slowing down gradually to a halt and by performing stretches and sit-ups to cool down.

Take care of the footwear and the clothing you use for jogging

Wear clothing that is loose and not tight fitting which will permit the sweat to come out freely. Moreover make sure that you get a good pair of jogging shoes that fit correctly and keep your feet well padded and aligned. If you find the soles wearing in one direction you need to change them so that you a can run in a truly erect position.

Watch out for signs of fatigue

Like any other physical activity if you are just starting out it is easy to over exert yourself and go above your limits. It is useful to watch for signs of fatigue like irregular beating of the heart, shortness of breath and other signs. When you notice these, it is good to slow down to a walk until you regain your breathe.

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Sep 22, 2010
by: Anonymous

What? No love?

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