It Ain't Over Even After 60 | Strength Training for Seniors Over 60

by Ronnie
(Fayetteville, NC, USA)



My PowerLifitng Story at 60 years of Age

I started bodybuilding and powerlifting at 50 years old with the assistance
of a friend in his middle 30's.

He was active in bodybuilding and powerlifting and taught me all I needed to
know about both sports.

My first meet, 6 months later, was a bodybuilding show where I took 1st place in
the 45+ ages and 5th in the open.

3 1/2 months later I did my first powerlifting meet in the 50 to 59 age group
and finished second. I continued the bodybuilding for 2 more years but changed
to fulltime powerlifting afterward.

I love powerlifting and have had many 1st place finishes, along with a few 2nd
and 3rd places, none lower. I bombed out of 1 meet by missing 3 attempts on my
squat, bummer.

My Big Move Weights

All my meets are drug free, some equipped, some raw. My biggest squat was 500
(in the gym) @60 yrs old, biggest bench 380 @57 and deadlift of 575 @59. Records
set at state, national and world level in age groups 55-59, and 60-64. Last
outing in Nov 2010 I set 2 raw world records @63 yrs old in the 181 class with a
275 bench and a 468 deadlift. This was after my rehab from a complete bicep

My Current Lifts

I am currently training for a 525 deadlift and a 350 benchpress in my next meet
in Jun 2011. I train smart and eat equally as smart and always listen to my

My strength is great and getting better with gradual increases in weight, I
should have no problem in reaching my goals for this next meet at which time I
will be 64 years of age with 19.5 inch biceps and growing. I also compete in the
open. Senior citizen my foot. So says this 63 year "Young Warrior".


Thank you for the inspiring story Ronnie.

Many people realize the benefits of proper strength training late in life but
they need not be discouraged as you say.

I hope many more people take up strength training especially after 50 to stay
younger and fitter.

We appreciate your sharing the story.

Hameed S.


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