Interval Training Workouts for Weight Loss with My Results

I weighed 320 lbs last year. When I first started off all I would do would be walking at 4.0mph for ten minutes, jogging at 5.8mph for 10 min, and then walking at the same pace for another ten min.

I lost 30 lbs in a 38 days doing this along with a low carb/high protein diet. Similar to the Paleo diet but with carbs in the morning.

After I lost the initial weight I bumped up my cardio to a 5 minute warmup walk and then running for 25 minutes as fast as possible.

My weight is now down to 240 lbs 1 year later. I am continuing to lose weight by doing HIIT training, which I have found to be the best way to lose weight if you have good knees.

I now do a warm-up walk at 4.2 mph for five minutes and then follow it with intervals of 12 mph at a 2.0 incline for 30 seconds and jogging at 5.5 mph for 30 seconds.
I do this for a total of twenty minutes and then do a cool down walk at 4.0 mph for 5 minutes. 20 minutes should be the max for doing intervals.

After 20 minutes your muscles will be so fatigued that you become very prone to injury. 30-45 minutes is very very excessive if doing this type of training.

I do that interval workout three times a week and in between I do 30 minutes of walking at a 10.0 incline at 4.0 mph. The walking seems easy but it really isn't...

It really promotes fat loss when couples with the interval workout above. I also do all my workouts in the evening. It has been proven that this is the best time for results.

I also like to do it in the evening so that I am not tight and still waking up like I am in the mornings.

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Oct 06, 2010
HIIT interval for fat loss
by: Doychin Karshovski

Great job!
You may want to try 12 sec sprint - 8 sec rest interval on stationary bike for 60 rounds it is 20 min. workout and it is the one that has been proven to have fat lost effect! My clients hate it :) but it gives you the results you want!
Keep up the good job!

Sep 14, 2010
Interval Training
by: Mike Eves

Yes, interval training is the way to go - forget all this fat burning zone nonsense!You'll die of boredom first!

It HAS to be hard to benefit you. Add in some full body weight exercises chin ups, rope climbing, wood chops, lunges, handstands and you will get lean and strong too.

Make the training fun though and learning new skills such as walking on your hands or learning some technical olympic lifts such as the clean & jerk will help loads.

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