Insane workout with INSANITY series

by Whitney

You guys gotta check out the Insanity series . They have a dozen different videos that target different athletic virtues . Plyometrics , strength , core , balance , weights , abs , max recovery , cardio circuits are just a few of the DVDs available . I started noticing results after 3 weeks of usingt the videos , they're great !! It's a great program for all ages . Go to to find a training buddy and more cool workout and exercises .


How does Insanity Workout work?

Insanity is an intensive cardio workout that brings all the body into action while promising results within a 60 day period. Like most other programs that promise results, many people doubt its effectiveness, which is the main concern of this review. But before we go into the business of the pronouncing judgment on whether the insanity workout works or not, it must be best to first lay out the groundwork on what should ideally be included in an effective fitness program.

What should an effective fitness program look like?

Our bodies need to be fueled with food, and exercised to keep it working in optimum working condition. Therefore nutrition and workout play important roles in the general health. Therefore any effective fitness program must address both issues in order that the body is kept at a balance.

How does the insanity workout fit the bill?

The insanity workouts work because it satisfies the conditions of addressing issues of diet, and also addressing issues of exercise. It details out a diet plan for weight loss so that you are actually setting your body ready to lose much fat as is possible, and also that you are becoming healthier from the diet program.

The insanity workout is made up of a series of exercises that are designed to work the muscles of the total body. Besides the work out are designed to include both aerobic and anaerobic training with all their benefits.
The exercises are of high intensity and designed to bring your body to the highest level of metabolic activity which will be using the calories in the body at a very high speed.

Therefore the insanity workout does fit the bill of a good and effective workout program.

What do you expect with the insanity workout package?

 The package consists of 10 DVDs that lead you in the exercises.

 The package includes a nutrition guide to get your body ready for the exercise regime and also to help the body maintain a good metabolism.

 The package includes a calendar to track your progress which serves to boost the confidence once you are doing well, or to inform you when you are not doing well in the program so that you can make the necessary adjustments in your training and diet.

 The package also comes with an online platform that you can use to help you be on track. This platform includes experts and peers that you can share experiences with and compare notes with. The successes of others can serve as a motivating factor and an inspiration for you to go ahead in the training when you feel like giving up.

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