I Need a Muscular Thigh and Calves

by john

 hello everybody...am so sick of my lower body, my legs are so thin, i can't wear shorts matter of fact i have never wore shorts outside.

Even in my house i don't unless am alone in my room cos am ashamed of my thins legs. the funny thing i have a muscular upper body. am just like jonny bravo. when i go out i wrap some stuffs around my legs to make it muscular and i wear my pants.

am tired of living this way. i can't even put on shorts this summer, i can't go to the pool. am even considering surgery on my legs.

i need help


How to build muscular calves and thighs

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If you go to gyms and check out the training routines of many, you will find that many skip training their legs, or do not train the legs nearly as well as they should. This is the reason why you can find people with well developed
chests and arms (because it is easy to push up weights and do pumps), but when you look at their legs you see that they are weak and flabby to say the least.

In order to get an all round build, the calves and thighs must be built along with the rest of the body, and there is no magical gimmick about it but to get a good training regime and go for it regularly.

Include leg exercises at least once every week in your exercise routines

Muscular calves and thighs are a product of the correct exercise, and also regular training of the leg muscles. The best way to do this is to include leg training at least once in your exercise routines. Some of the popular exercises


Squats can be performed using a variety of materials. The most commonly used are the dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells. Using the barbell as an example, here is how to perform this exercise;

• Standing out with your feet shoulder width apart, reach out and unrack the barbell. Then place it gently on your shoulders.

• Squat, keeping

your back straight and bending at the knees, pushing your buttocks straight behind. At the right point, your thighs will be parallel to the floor.

• You can bend deeper if you want to.

• Hold the final position for some time, and then raise yourself up again, using
the power of your thighs as much as possible.

• Progressing to higher weights will see the muscles increase in size and also
in endurance.

Leg press

Leg presses are usually done using the leg press machine if it is available to you. To build muscles effectively, you need to increase the weights gradually each week, and also the number of repetitions that you are doing on the machine.

To use the leg press machine is easy, you position yourself in position and place your legs under the rack, flexing at the knees. Placing your hands on the support, push forwards to straighten your legs. Hold at the top point and feel the tension in your muscles, then bring back your legs slowly to the starting position. Rest and then repeat.

Calf raises

There are different versions of the calf raise. There is also the seated calf raise and the standing calf raise. However the standing calf raise exercise is considered as standard and can be used to build strong and muscular calves. Here
is how it is done.

You can either use a calf raise machine, or use a barbell and a stepper. If you are using a calf raise machine, first make sure that the weight is on the right position on the rack so you can reach it easily.

When you correctly on the calf raise machine, your toes will be on top of the raised step, while your heels will go below, on the ground.

Then lift the weight off the rack and place it on your shoulders.

Raise yourself up by using your toes. You will feel the tension in your calves if it is correctly done. Lower yourself again and repeat.

Increase the intensity of the exercise by doing more repetitions and also by increasing the weight of the exercise.

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