I need a good diet plan to - build muscle, lose weight

by imran
(bolton (uk))

hey i understand your calories fromulas except for how do you workout the percentage of protein fats and carbs...


Hi Imran,

How to build muscle, lose weight and stay Healthy

There are many people whose primary aim is to lose weight, and they will have nothing to do with building muscles. There are others who have their sights set on building muscles, and they may or may not have a weight problem. The third category is the category of people that want to do both at the same time; build muscle, lose weight with the target of staying healthy and for gaining an appealing appearance.

The first thing to note is that building muscles and losing weight are opposing activities. While most people build muscles by consuming extra calories; usually proteins, in order to lose weight you have to go on a restricted diet or at least lower your calorie intake.

Therefore it is necessary to stay in a balance so that you are not giving your body less than it requires in terms of nutrients, and that you are not overtraining your body so that all the resources are used to building muscles.
The best way to stay in balance is to make sure that you eat a healthy diet, and follow a series of weight training exercises spread over the week. In this way you will be losing excess body fat, and your training will be building enough muscles and strengthening your bones.

Building muscles can actually help you lose weight faster

Following a diet that has less fat will go a long way to help you lose weight. However, it usually leads flabby skin (because it has been stretched from the excess body fat). The best way to get such skin toned and in perfect form is to perform regular weight training accompanied by stretching exercises.

Moreover, one of the mistakes many people make when trying to lose weight is that they spend a lot of time on diets, but do nothing with the levels of activity. Agreed, not everyone wants to get bulging muscles. But exercising moderately with weights may not produce bulging muscles, but may very well build some muscles, strengthen the skin and make you healthier by burning more calories, making your diet more effective.

When performing weight training, it is essential to do about 30 minutes of exercises for two or three days a week, accompanied by a good cardio work out. Building muscles will be actively burning fat in the process, and will also increase your metabolic activity which will help the body to burn more fat during your resting periods (After burn) which may last for several days depending on the intensity of your training.

Staying healthy in the process

As much as losing weight and building muscles will usually lead to a more appealing physique never lose sight of the fact that it is staying healthy that is the end results. There is overwhelming evidence that people that train regularly, keep a healthy diet also have better sleeping habits, better humor and have a longer and healthier life. Now you’ll want that for yourself, wouldn’t you?

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May 22, 2010
by: Dave


I have been following your diet plan to the letter. However, I am noticing that while I am gaining muscle mass I am also gaining fat as well. Not sure what to do in order to gain the muscle but not the fat?

Can you help?

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