How to Treat a Shoulder Injury

by zafi

how to treat a shoulder injury

Treatment of shoulder injuries require proper diagnosis and then either a non-surgical { called medical} or surgical correction.


How do doctors treat shoulder injury?

The shoulders typically consists of a ball and socket with associated muscle groups. The ball and socket of the joints give it the large range of motion that is seen in the shoulders.

Sometimes due to overuse of the shoulders, strain trauma or even degeneration of the muscles and calcification of the joints and bones which reduces motion of the shoulders.

This reduction of motion of the shoulders is sometimes referred to as frozen shoulders and is a condition that can be treated using medication and also by using physical therapy.

Different types of shoulder pain demand different medical actions

Physicians typically treat shoulder pain by using a number of methods depending on the type of the pain and the intensity of the pain. Sometimes shoulder pain arises from the shoulder muscles alone and sometimes it may involve calcification of the cartilage that surrounds the bone that prevents the bones from rubbing together.

When you have a dull pain on the shoulders that arise just from muscle tissues, pain killers are usually administered and there is generally a recommendation to stay away from hard exercises.

Sometimes when there is intense pain that involve the inability of the
joints to freely move. In these cases injections are usually administered to dissolve the hardened tissues, reduce the pain and also to cause the shoulders to move freely. In severe cases treatment may be accompanied by surgery.

In many cases, the treatment with medication, injection and surgery is usually accompanied with rehabilitation therapy that uses low impact exercises to work on the muscles and the joints and bring back the range of motion in the shoulders.
Some of the exercises commonly used are pendulum swings that demand no equipments and can be performed with just the body alone, and other exercises like face pulls and lateral cable raises that use minimal equipments for the exercises to be done effectively.

Prevention is better than cure

It is commonly said that prevention is better than cure. Therefore we can prevent shoulder injuries by engaging in exercises that reduce the risk of having shoulder injuries. This can generally be done by engaging in exercises like whole body stretching and in performing shoulder exercises at least once a week. This will ensure your muscle; bones and sockets are well conditioned and will not be affected easily by fatigue or stress, and that even after a shoulder trauma you can easily bounce back to health.

Disclaimer - The advice is given for information purposes only. Please refer to a doctor for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

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