hi' i am a sales assocaite - my weight loss story

weight loss tips

weight loss tips

i dont have a lot of time to exercise and i want to lose my stomach and iv tried so many diff things and nothing but these tips just might change something ima try these exercises and will let u no how it all turns out thank u so much..


Top 3 weight loss tips for busy people

One of the top excuses that you will always here people making when asked why they are not taking enough steps to lose their increasing weights is that they have no time to think about it; needless to say they even can’t find the time to
act on it.

Of course our lifestyles today can be very crowded, especially if you have a schedule that even a whole day will never complete, and you still have to bring work home to complete.

If you can read this far, then you are half way gone to making the right changes!

The first thing to losing weight is getting the knowledge on what you need to be doing, and once you get this knowledge, to apply it to getting the desired results. The knowledge is gained within the following weight loss tips.

Get an aerobic machine

And work out while conducting business or catching up the news

One of the best ways of staying fit and losing weight is to do regular aerobic exercise. If you cannot find whole chunks of time to do this, you can get an elliptical machine that can give you the means of walking or jogging several miles a day. Even a mile a day will keep you in perfect health and help you lose weight considerably.

Other ways of fitting in exercise in your busy schedule is in choosing to walk up and down the stairs instead of using an elevator, and in walking short distances to appointments, or walking part of the way before getting a taxi or
public transport.

Watch what you eat

Most people equate being busy with junk food. But you can reverse this trend by choosing healthy options in your eating pattern. You can actually order a more healthy lunch package with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to go with it.

YYou can also have a fruit bowl in your office from which you can always have something to carry around. Have an apple in your car. These will provide stores of useful vitamins and antioxidants to work against free radicals in your body,
and eating more fruits will mean you are less likely to want to load yourself with junk food.

Watch what you dink

Drinking sufficient amounts of water will help you lose weight in a proper way. Most of us don’t drink as much as we should, and this is dangerous to health. Making sure to have a bottle of water in the car and in the office, or in your
suitcase will ensure that you are well hydrated with the right stuff.

Alcoholic beverages like beer contain lots of calories, and limiting your intake of these will help you in the right direction. However if you must, a glass or two once in a while will not do any harm.


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