helping friends with my get flat stomach tips by dani

by dani

I always start with a brisk walk before breakfast and a jog around 2 hours

later, stretches work to!


How to use walking and jogging to get a flat stomach

Abdominal fat is undesirable both as a cosmetic issue, but also because it poses health risks and has been shown to be associated with the onset and development of several health issues like high blood pressure, raised cholesterol levels and diabetes.

The best way of creating a flat stomach is in creating a calorie deficit in the body, causing the body to burn the excess fat that is chiefly deposited around the stomach, increasing the waistline.

How to create a calorie deficit by walking and jogging

The first thing to understand is that fat gets deposited in the body when we eat more than the body required for its daily activities. Therefore what we need to achieve is to put the body in state where it doesn’t receive enough of this
energy requirements, therefore forcing the body to use its fat stores for energy, leading to a flat stomach.

Eating a calorie restricted diet, is very good but in the long run is not beneficial to the health of the body. The best thing therefore is using exercise, the two most common, walking and jogging.

During walking, the muscles of the body use energy to produce motion. When this is done, they use ready forms of energy in the body. As the ready forms of the energy become depleted, the fats stored become increasingly broken down to feed the walking process.

You can start by walking about 30 minutes each day, or to incorporate walking to your daily life. You could decide to walk between stops before going for the bus ride.

The fastest means by far to create a calorie deficit is by jogging. This is because in jogging, a greater number of muscles are utilized and as such using up energy sources directly and also breaking of the fats stored to produce more

Moreover there is the creation of the after burn, meaning when the muscles are employed in intense activity for a period, they continue utilizing more nutrients and thereby burning fats in the body even after the end of the exercise.

Letting the numbers speak

It is generally known that to lose one pound of body fat, we need to burn about 3500 calories by exercising or by reducing our calorific intake. Walking 5 miles a day will permit you to burn about 500 calories a day. This means you can use
about 1 week of walking 5 miles a day to lose 1 pound of fat, most of which is stored around the stomach, but you will spend about 2 hours doing this.

On the other hand, if you are jogging for 5 miles a day, you will lose the same 500 calories, however you will spend less time, approximately 30 minutes each day to lose the same amount of body fat in a week. Therefore walking or jogging,
it is your pick. However if you enjoy both activities, why not do both?


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