Gym Supervisor Shoulder Workout

by Michael Flatley
(St. Louis MO)

Shoulder Press- 4 sets 8-10 reps

Super Set
Upright Rows 4 Sets 8-10 reps
Face Pulls 4 Sets 8-10 Reps
Super Set
Lateral Cable Raise 4 Sets 10 Reps
Front Dumbbell Raise 4 sets 10 Reps
Rear Smith Machine Shrugs 4 sets 6-8 Reps

Super Set
Dumbbell Shrug 4 Sets 10-12 Reps
Rear Deltoids Dumbbell Flyes 4 Sets 10 Reps

How to do Face Pulls and Lateral Cable Raise Exercise

Face pulls and lateral cable raise exercise are two isolation exercises that can be used to develop major muscle groups of the shoulders.

The face pull exercise is an isolation exercise that targets the rear deltoid muscles that are less affected during normal shoulder exercises. With this exercise, you can use a cable machine or an elastic exercise band that you can strap to a support that is face level or above.

How to do Face Pulls exercise

• Start by adjusting the cable or puller so that the end of the cable is at the level of your face.

• Stand in an erect position, holding the cables then position yourself so that at the starting position your hands are holding the cables in light tension, and your arms are straight in front of you.

• Then pull the cables towards your face, using just your arms so that they flare outwards at your sides.

• Keep your position so that you don’t bend towards the cable or so that you don’t get pulled by the cable.

• When your fists have reached your face or well past your ears, slowly release and then repeat.

The lateral cable raise exercise can be used to train the Deltoid and Lateral muscles of the shoulders. This exercise also affects some muscle groups of the back. It can be performed using a low pulley system.

How to do the Lateral cable raise exercise

• First thing to do is to select the right pulley position, set it at the bottom and also to select the weights that you have to use. If you are not familiar with the exercise, it is better to start with smaller weights so that you can learn the proper form. After which you can then move to bigger weights.

• Hold the right pulley with your left hand, and hold the left pulley with your right hand so that they cross each other at the front of your body.

• At the starting position, the weight should be slightly lifted. If not, adjust the lengths of the pulley to the right position.

• Then keeping your back straight, extend your hands to be straight on each side.

• Hold the hands extended at the top of the swing for a few seconds and then slowly bring the hands back to the starting position, crossed over each other.

• Then repeat to the number of repetitions as required.

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