Football Weight Training Program - Weight Training Program for Football Players

by Geoff Boycott

Weight Training For Football can help you become stronger, faster and Build Your Stamina for Best Football Strength and Conditioning. Free Football Weight Training Program.

Most people associate getting in shape for football competition with running obstacle courses, running tires, hitting a tackling shield, and performing a host of other sports specific duties. Such training processes are quite common and for good reason: they are performance specific and cater to those that seek to succeed in the sport of football.

However, these are not the only training programs a football player should stick with. Instead, it would be wise to hit the gym and lift weights. This will boost the ability to perform on the gridiron tremendously. Without a strong body, football becomes a tough game to succeed with. Consider that the main reason weight training is so important to take part in.

That said, it is also important to avoid bodybuilding style workouts. You are not looking to pack on mass for appearance purposes when you lift weights for the gym. Rather, you are lifting weights for the purpose of increasing athletic performance. Here is a look at a sample four day workout program that could prove quite helpful...

Weight Training with Free Weights and Machines

Day 1 Football Weight Training Program

Bench Press Supine with Barbell
Bench Press Incline with Barbell
Bench Press Incline with Dumbbells
Lateral Pulldown Front
Lateral Pulldown Rear

Day 2 Football Weight Training Program

Squats with Barbell
Front Leg Extensions on Machine
Reverse Leg Curls on Machine
Triceps Rope Pressdown
Triceps Overhead Extension

Day 3 Football Weight Training Program

Military Press with Barbell Frontal
Military Press with Barbell Rear
Front Shoulder Raises
Back Rows
Barbell Biceps

The number of reps and sets has not been listed here for a reason. The reason is that this workout can be designed as a moderate weightlifting program, a strength program where heavy weight is lifted for low reps, or a mix of both. Ultimately, the approach taken will depend on the particular player and his weight training goals. Those unsure of which program to follow should look towards asking their coach or trainers for training advice. They might have tremendous insight into what is needed to attain your weight training goals.

Day 4: The Kettlebell Venture in Football Weight Training Program

The fourth day of weight training will employ a dramatic shift from the previous three. This fourth day will entail performing kettlebell workouts designed to enhance strength and muscular endurance.

Kettlebell workouts can run 45 minute and can entail various single and double arm swings. Since a squatting motion is employed with the swings, a great deal of leg muscular endurance can be developed.

The single are swings can integrate a whole host of presses, lifts, and cleans designed to enhance upper body explosion, endurance, and strength. Certainly, these are all attributes that would prove helpful when game time comes.

However, you should not wait until game time to see whether or not the weight training program you are taking part in yields results. It is vital that you "listen to your body" and gauge your performance during practice to ensure whether or not you are on the right path. If you feel changes are needed then it would be best to make such changes. This way, you are always progressing and not remaining stagnant.

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