Fitness training for women - real reason women are fat

by Mike Eves
(Stratford upon Avon)

First of all the majority of women (and quite a high proportion of men I may add) don't want to workout hard and they don't want to eat correctly.

So it doesn't matter what the theory or technique or training being proposed or argued for, if it's tough they just don't want to know! What they really want is to go to bed fat, have a magic fairy wave her a wand overnight, and to wake up slim.
No effort, no responsibility, and no penance toward their poor behaviour previously (because, of course, it was never their fault in the first place).

Most just want to sit there and push/pull nice and easy, eyes closed, as if they're having a bloody massage! Pathetic.
It's like as soon as it starts getting uncomfortable they want to hold back (very unfeminine to do otherwise, of course). And when they don't get results by doing it easy, they then blame the trainer!

They know that dieting and cardio doesn't work, because most of them have done that crap for years. But do they continue to buy it? Of course. "Oooh, meal replacement protein shakes, I'll now try that - doesn't require much effort" . The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.

And the focus, as it is with many trainers, is on exercise to burn calories.
This is a problem, because if you're focussed on that then obviously the more exercise you do the more calories you burn, hence endless hours of mind numbing cardio (look at Oprah's trainer - no idea at all!).

There will always be a market for get slim quick methods (Atkins AKA "the make me sick diet"), same for get rich schemes. Why? Because most people want to believe this rubbish.

If the focus was on health, fitness and strength, then weight/fat loss becomes a (nice) side benefit. But I could talk about this to people until I am blue in the face - do they ever listen? - never.

Their eyes just glaze over. Fitness should be only for people who want to put in the effort - everybody else can p*ss off -they are a complete pain in the backside and an impossible demographic to work with. Rant over.

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May 14, 2010
One more thing
by: Anonymous

One more thing.... If you haven't worked out what fitness is about and how to work out properly by the time you are 30, you probably never will.

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